Thursday, May 23, 2024

Trailer of actor Aditya Om’s (Hindi and Telugu) film “Bandi” based on environmental protection unveiled 

The riveting trailer of the thriller film “Bandi”, starring the popular actor Aditya Om, who has shown the magic of his acting in over 3 dozen films, was launched at the Star Preview Theater in Mumbai. Producer director Raghu Tirumala, from South India said that the film will be released in (Hindi and Telugu) in March 2024.

The biggest USP of the film is that it is a “one actor” film, yes, as you will see only Aditya Om in the entire film. Only the voices of some other characters will be heard, one of which is that of singer composer Akbar Sami who was also present at the trailer launch of the film, which has been made on the theme of spreading awareness about environmental protection and shot in real forests.The trailer of the film is very engaging, thrilling and experimental.

Aditya Om is very excited about this film and his role. He said that in the film he is playing the antagonist role of an advocate who is advocating for a corporate company to cut the forest. He is kidnapped by some activists working for nature and Jungle Bachao Abhiyan, who put him through hell-like conditions to teach him a lesson about environmental protection and the truth about climate change. The story of the film revolves around what happens to him during this period.

Produced and directed by debutant Raghu Tirumala, the film stars Aditya Om, who is a well-known actor in Telugu. Hindi audiences are familiar with his works like ‘Massaab’, ‘Bandook’ and ‘Allif’ in which he played the lead role. Her look is quite different and effective.The film Bandi was shot over a period of 4 years in several forests across the country and abroad. Aditya Om has done all his stunts himself without any double or duplicate.

Raghu Tirumala, who is from Hyderabad and this is his first film as a producer and director, says that he wants to make films on relevant issues which make people aware and alert. This film drives home the poignant message of environmental protection and saving forests has been made under the banner of ‘Gully Cinema’. The producer of the film is Venkateswar Rao Daggu, editor Prakash Jha, DOP Madhusudan Kota, music composers Veeral, Lavan and Sudesh Sawant.

The lead voices in the film are of Akbar Sami and Rupa Sharma. The story and screenplay have been written by Aditya Om himself. Aditya Om said that shooting in the forests was a very difficult and challenging task. Used to catch leeches while shooting, sometimes they even had to avoid dangerous animals. Once the monkeys took away the bag of hard disk, due to which we had to reshoot for 3 days.

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