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Top 5 Career Options After Graduation

You can be whatever you want to be. Remember, you have endless potential in yourself. All you need to do is to explore those potentials. You have to keep learning & unlearning many things in the journey towards success. Well, success does not come in overnight. Success takes time and you must keep hustling until you don’t achieve your goals. However, in this journey, the most important thing is to choose the right path. The right path will make your journey smoother & will help in exploring your true potential as well. On the other hand, if you choose the wrong path, it will waste your time & you will be demotivated soon. So, in this article, I will focus on the career which you can choose after college to achieve all your desires.

1. Digital marketing: The world is fully digital now. Although digital marketing was the trend for a while, however, the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us the importance of the digital world & digital marketing. Digital marketing helps us to shop from anywhere in the world while sitting on our couch. On the other hand, it is helping the brands to make them truly global. They are reaching every part of the globe at a click. In the pandemic, digital marketing helped the brands to survive and it also helped the buyers to carry on their normal life.

Businesses are focusing on digital marketing strategies more than ever before because it is helping them to hit the right target audience at a comparatively low cost than traditional marketing. Brands are increasing their online presence to increase the sales rate & also focusing on their branding.

As it is a growing market & the importance will increase with time only, so, it is the most suitable career option for the students.

Eligibility: Anyone can opt for the digital marketing course. Age or academic background does not make any issues in that. To learn digital marketing you will need a learning mind & a stable internet connection.

There are various types of courses on digital marketing such as degree, diploma or certificate courses. For example, you can go for Online Certification in Advance Digital Marketing Strategies from Internet Marketing School ( .

In this course, apart from digital marketing & Search Engine Optimisation; you will learn about Online Reputation Management, Google Adsense, Drop Shipping and how to make money online & also it will help you in enhancing your soft skills as well. Additionally, through this course, you will be able to learn to use ChatGPT & AI for efficient digital marketing which will help you hit the right target audience. This course is powered by Wipro Dice ID. So, it will add some significant value to your resume. In this case, it is important to mention that the course fee is also pretty affordable. This is a 4 months course in the online mode. So it is convenient for everyone and in just 4 months you will be job ready.

2. Financial analysis: Financial analysis is one of the highest-paying career options in India. The demand for this position is also very high in India. The financial analyst helps in managing all the financial works of the company such as financial risks, bottlenecks, and issues arising in companies regularly. This study is closely related to revenues, market risk, share market and new ventures. Courses like financial analysis will help you to get a job in MNCs like Wipro. So, definitely, it is one of the best career options for students.

Eligibility: After college or the bachelor’s degree student can pursue this course and the student must have accounting, finance, statistics, economics, business administration, or other related fields such as math, biology, or engineering background. You can get this course at various institutes in Kolkata.

3. Project Management: Project management is one of the most popular career options in India. India is growing and it is the hub of famous IT companies like Wipro. So companies need more people to do the necessary research work and planning for the projects. Project management is not all about planning or managing the project from behind the curtain. The project managers need to connect with the target audience directly to know theory demands and pain points. After that, they inform the company about the collected information and help the company in making those products.

Eligibility: If you want to study project management after your college then you must have Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or an equivalent from a recognised university as the background. At the same time, it is important to score 45% in the bachelor’s degree as well. Again, there are various leading institutes to study project management in Kolkata such as Henry Harvin, Simplilearn, Knowledge Hut, Excelr, Sybex, BrainBOK etc.

4. Data Science: Data Science is another career option for students. It also helps in getting a high pay job. However, this job is typically suitable for students who have maths, fiance or computer science as their background. It is important to mention that you will need a strong knowledge of mathematics and computer science to be a data scientist.

Typically a data scientist needs to use data to understand and explain the phenomena around them and help organizations make better decisions. So, besides mathematics and computer science, you must have strong analytical skills, updated knowledge about the latest technologies and patience as well. After studying Data Science you can get jobs such as Audit Manager, Credit Analyst, Investment Manager Insurance, and Treasury Manager at banks, financial institutions and FinTech companies. As I have mentioned before that India is growing and becoming a hub of IT companies. So, the data science course will help you secure a job in companies like Wipro.

Eligibility: To study Data Science you need 50 to 60% on the 10+2 test and a fundamental understanding of programming, math, and statistics is required. a 50–70% average in science or engineering as a requirement for graduation. basic understanding of programming, math, and statistics.

5. MBA: Do you want to make something big in your life? Do you want to have a high pay job with a leadership role? Are you dreaming to work in a famous IT company like Wipro? Go for MBA without any second thought. MBA is a 2-year course and is specifically suggested for people who have business acumen. To study MBA you need to clear the CAT, GMAT or similar kinds of exams. MBA is not just a study course, it helps in learning to manage tasks, manage time, and communicate well.

Eligibility: To study MBA you must have a bachelor’s degree of a minimum of 3 years after a 10+2 examination, from a recognized board with a minimum aggregate of 50% (45% for SC/ST/PwD). Candidates in the final year of graduation are also eligible, provided they have a certificate from the head of the college. A valid cut-off score of CAT/GMAT.

Final words: We all have a dream to work in the “Big 4” companies in India. However, choosing the right course is extremely important to fulfil that dream. Courses like Advance Digital Marketing Strategies Powered by Wipro Dice ID will help you to achieve that dream. However, I would suggest having a thought about your interest traits and other important factors such as course duration, course fee etc before you opt for that.


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