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TEFA, TCEI & Agarwal Samaj, commemorate International Yoga & Music Day, by hosting Yoga & Music at Bansilalpet Stepwell!

Hyderabad, June 2023Telangana Event Facilitators Association (TEFA); Telangana Chamber Of Events Industry (TCEI) – the largest event’s industry association in South India and Agarwal Samaj, Paradise Shakha, Telangana; commemorated International Yoga and Music Day, by hosting yoga session at the Stepwell Lawns, Bansilalpet, today.

Celebrity yoga trainer, fitness coach and Mrs. Universe Intelligence, Abhimanika Yadav, led the gathering of members of TCEI, TEFA, Agarwal Samaj members, Yoga enthusiasts into a transformative and introspective experience, through a soul searching yoga session. This spell of yoga in the soothing and calming ambience of the 300 year old stepwell, enabled the participants to deepen their understanding of themselves and connect with their inner wisdom. Renowned singer Amrita Nayak regaled and elevated the experience of music connoisseurs with some melodious tunes and uplifting music.

International Yoga

Speaking on the occasion Surat Singh Malhotra, Founder President, TCEI; said, yoga is the most convenient and inexpensive way to stay healthy physically and mentally. Especially event professionals who are constantly on the move and often experience high stress levels, can achieve fitness and maintain well-being through Yoga.  

TCEI President, Balram Babu thanked the participants and espoused yoga becoming part of the daily life of event professionals. We can achieve inner tranquillity and harmony with a stint of Yoga in our daily routine. That brings greater efficiency in what we do and our creative output will delight the clients, he said.

International Yoga

Agarwal Samaj Telangana Paradise branch was the title sponsor and I Square Entertainment, Violet Worldwide, Kashvi Creation, Victory Photography, Signtist by Sanths; were the co-sponsors of the International Yoga and Music Day. The office bearers of Agarwal Samaj Telangana Paradise branch; President Dhiraj ji khetan, Secretary Deepak Agarwal, Treasure Ashok Chokhani; TEFA President Manoj Inani and Vice President Neeru Mohan; Secretary Sandeep Jain, Treasurer Pawan Kumar Agarwal, TCEI office bearers Balram Babu, Founder President Surat Singh Malhotra, Dharma pal Singh Malhotra; Piyush Shah, Sant Rohit, Sandeep Jain and Yogita Agarwal; were felicitated on the occasion. George Hestern was the emcee of the program. TEFA & TEA minister Sandeep Jain Aryan Rajput thanked everyone.


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