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Taste Budders Hospitality Pvt Ltd, unveils one of its kind vintage watering hole, Peanuts Bar!

Hyderabad needs recreation and relaxation facilities to make the city more vibrant and appealing to the cosmopolitan crowd and the companies that employ them: Jayesh Ranjan


Hyderabad, June 15th, 2024: Taste Budders Hospitalitya celebrated name in Hyderabad’s vibrant food and beverage industry since 2016, unveiled its latest and one of its kind watering hole, Peanuts Bar at RMZ SkyView 10, opposite IKEA, Hitech City. This exciting new venture is the latest addition to the Taste Budders family, joining the ranks of beloved brands such as the ever-popular Fat Pigeon Bar Hop, with locations in both Hyderabad and Pune, and the dynamic Chubby Cho Fun Asian Table.


Peanuts Bar is a nostalgic homage to the old-school charm of Mumbai’s bustling streets and the timeless elegance of Vintage cafes from the 80s and 90s. Every detail of the bar’s interior has been meticulously chosen to evoke a sense of vintage allure, creating a space that feels both historic and fresh.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Guest Shri Jayesh RanjanSpecial Chief Secretary, I&C, IT, E&C, Government of Telangana; said, Hyderabad has made rapid strides in the IT domain over the last decade. Many multinational IT companies have established their Indian headquarters and development centers here. As a result, people from various parts of India and abroad are working and settling down in the cityThey need appropriate recreation and relaxation facilities to address their needs after a hard day’s work. Having such infrastructure makes the city more vibrant and appealing to the cosmopolitan crowd and the companies that employ them. The opening of Peanuts Bar is a welcome development that contributes to this dynamic environment. The team at Peanuts Bar, led by Ketan Agarwal, is highly experienced in the hospitality and restaurant business. They have been successfully running various restaurants in the city for some time and have a deep understanding of customer preferences.

Samir Kumar Oruganti, Co-Founder of Peanuts Bar, said, this is our latest outlet and a place where the software crowd can relax and let their hair down. Ours is a seven year old brand, clocking a turnover of Rs 50 crore and are confident of touching hundred crores in a couple of years, with the spree of expansions in the pipeline.

Ketan Agarwal, Co-Founder of Peanuts Bar, said, the emphasis at the Peanuts Bar is to provide a comforting and soothing ambiance for the corporate crowd in and around Hitech City, offering a relaxing retreat after a hard day’s work. It is designed to be a versatile space where people can simultaneously work and play.

Peanuts Bar captures the essence of Mumbai’s iconic street culture and Old school café traditions. The decor is super vintage, featuring timeless elements like classic lighting fixtures, and nostalgic memorabilia that transport guests back to a bygone era. Vintage posters adorn the walls, and the soothing tunes of retro music fill the air, creating an atmosphere that feels vibrant. Every corner of Peanuts Bar is designed to evoke the warmth and charm of Mumbai’s beloved old-school cafes, inviting you to relax and savour the experience. Spanning a spacious area, Peanuts Bar is a 200-seater with multiple formats of seating, including indoor, outdoor, and private dining sections.

The vibrant open bar offers a wide range of specialty cocktails crafted to perfection by expert mixologists. The menu at Peanuts Bar is a culinary homage to classic bites that have been cherished for generations. From beloved street food delights to hearty home-style dishes, there’s something to delight every palate. Patrons can indulge in rich, flavourful appetizers and tender kebabs, or enjoy the simple pleasure of timeless desserts like banana splits, baby croissants, and citrus pudding. Each dish is crafted to evoke the comforting flavours of traditional recipes, ensuring a nostalgic and satisfying dining experience for all.

Peanuts Bar offers an array of traditional cocktails and creative beverages like toffee bacon, mango toffee, and tipsy kala khatta alongside a menu curated with nostalgic, simple dishes in mind. Our pricing is the most competitive in Hyderabad, making it accessible for everyone to enjoy.

Patrons will enjoy the unique retro café ambiance, reminiscent of the cherished experiences from the olden days. The inviting atmosphere, complete with vintage decor and a cozy setting, promises to transport guests back to a more charming and leisurely era.

Building on the success of the Group’s existing brands, Taste Budders Hospitality is looking to expand its footprint across India. It has an ambitious plan to open new locations in major cities, including in Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and tier-2 cities, in the next two years, with an aim to bring the unique dining and nightlife experiences to a wider audience. The expansion will be in both the models of franchise and owned. Peanuts Bar will be leaning towards a FOCO (Franchise Owned Company Operated) model.

About Taste Budders Hospitality

Taste Budders Hospitality is creating waves in the hospitality industry with its chain of popular dining establishments and pubs, known for their exceptional culinary experiences, vibrant atmospheres, and outstanding customer service. The chain comprises of ever-popular Fat Pigeon Bar Hop, with locations in both Hyderabad and Pune, and the dynamic Chubby Cho Fun Asian Table. Fat Pigeon Bar Hop. Is known for its lively ambiance and innovative cocktails, with locations in both Hyderabad and Pune. Chubby Cho Fun Asian Table is beloved for its vibrant Asian culinary experience and eclectic menu.

Taste Budders Hospitality group is helmed by four Co-Founders and dynamic professionals from diverse backgrounds. Ketan Agarwal is an experienced Marketing & Brand management professional; Samir Kumar Oruganti, has over four decades experience in top corporates, including Director positions; Rama Chandra Varma Rudraraju, has a strong background in IT and Management and Sri Swethan Kumar with extensive experience in the banking industry.


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