Thursday, July 18, 2024

Tanya Singgh’s enchanting voice steals show in her new single ‘Jab Jab’ by T-Series

Embark on a musical journey with Tanya Singgh’s latest single, “Jab Jab,” a melody that effortlessly channels the essence of love, produced by T-Series. A song that evokes a sense of timeless nostalgia, all while Tanya’s distinct, textured voice adds an unparalleled depth to the composition along with Arhhan Singh’s soulful voice. The simple yet impactful lyrics of the song are penned by Gittanjali Singh.

The music video, directed by Rinkesh Makwana and Alexander Koschier, beautifully captures Tanya’s essence, infusing the visuals with a modern flair that seamlessly complements the song. Her enchanting presence, coupled with the infectious rhythm, promises to leave audiences spellbound.

Expressing her joy, Tanya shares, “Jab Jab is a celebration of love in the contemporary world, and we wanted the music to reflect just that. It’s always an absolute joy to release a new song. Working with Jeff has been an incredible journey it’s a collaboration in the true sense his music gets life to my vision”.

Jab Jab has now been released on T-Series’ YouTube channel.


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