Thursday, July 18, 2024

Sunanda Sharma Calls Munawar Faruqui “Cute” in Bigg Boss 17, Sparking Poetic Exchange

In a recent Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar Diwali special, Punjabi actress and singer Sunanda Sharma graced the stage to promote her upcoming song ‘Chandigarh Ka Chokra.’ During the show, she expressed admiration for her favourite contestant—Munawar Faruqui.

Sunanda’s Surprising Revelation: “Yaha Pe Koi Hai Jo Mujhe Bahut Cute Lagta Hai”

Quizzed about her favorite participant, Sunanda declared, “Yaha pe koi hai jo mujhe bahut cute lagta hai.” Teasing a poetic moment, she added, “Main Shayari karungi.” The stage was set for a poetic revelation, and she delivered with a charming Shayari.

Sunanda Sharma’s Shayari: “To Arz Kya Hai, Yu Na Aa Kr Baitha Kare Mere Samne…”

Sunanda’s Shayari revealed, “To Arz kya hai, Yu na aa kr baitha kare mere samne, Dekhe sab toh sabar hai yeh mujhse har bar ni hota.”

Munawar Faruqui’s Witty Response: “Roshni Se Tere Chand Rutha Baitha Hai…”

In a delightful exchange, Munawar Faruqui responded with a Shayari dedicated to Sunanda Sharma, adding a light-hearted and memorable touch to the Bigg Boss set.

Munawar’s Shayari: “Roshni Se Tere Chand Rutha Baitha Hai…”

Munawar’s Shayari included lines like “Roshni se Tere Chand Rutha Baitha hai” and “Tere jaise Mehak Yaha kisi Phool Mein Nahi,” showcasing his poetic flair.

As the season progresses, Munawar’s popularity continues to soar, not only among the audience but also gaining the admiration of fellow artists like Sunanda Sharma. The poetic exchange added a delightful twist to the Bigg Boss journey.


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