Monday, June 17, 2024

Songs like Laapata , Saathiya and Nachle Nachle became hits on FMD music channel, each song got more than million views.!

When a big name or a big singer does a project, he has a desire that his project comes to the market through a big platform. But when a platform is already a hit, there is competition to release songs on it. Popular Singers do not want to release their projects from any new channel anytime soon. But when the best content starts coming on new channels and their viewership starts increasing, then everyone wants to be associated with the project or Channel.Yes, we are talking about FMD Music Channel, founded by Mr Ramesh Bhandari, this Channel started an Year ago where after its release, it does not take long for any song to become a hit and go viral.

This channel has Produced and released quality content and in its initial year itself, the channel has performed better than expectation, many songs have garnered more than a million views, and it is continuously increasing. The songs released on this channel are attracting people from every section of the society. This channel has content which is shot across India and International locations and today this channel has started gaining fame very quickly.

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Currently there are a total of 36 videos on this channel and despite having only so many videos, the viewership of this channel has crossed crores. The quality of the songs present on this channel is such that whoever listens to these songs once comes to this channel again without any invitation.

The song Saathiya recorded in the voices of internationally renowned singers Samrat Sarkar and Nimmi Priya is one of the biggest hit songs of this channel. Nimmi Priya is the same singer who received South India’s famous Idea Singer of the Year award from renowned Singer Usha Uthup. Also, another hit song is a party song sung by New Artists and it has become a huge hit. This song also made a lot of headlines and was played extensively on the occasion of New Year. The third hit song of this channel is Nachle Nachle which is sung by A Raag and Mr Nike.

Similarly, there are many other songs on this channel from New Artists,after watching/listening all age people get automatically connected to this channel. This channel has attracted many big singers/performers by giving many hit songs within a year. In future this channel is going to bring content which is shot in International locations like UK,US,Dubai & Thailand. So stay connected and subscribe to keep listening/watching the best Indian Music.


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