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Simran Nerurkar and Suhail Nayyar Reunite for a Heart-Wrenching Song “Kaise Kategi,”Sung by Shahid Mallya

Mumbai: 5th July 2023. Winter Sun Movies is proud to present the highly anticipated jodi of Simran Nerurkar and Suhail Nayyar in the soul-stirring song “Kaise Kategi.” This emotional ballad, sung by the talented Shahid Mallya, depicts the yearning of a young lover for her lost love. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Varanasi’s ghats along the river Ganga, the song is a sequel to the previously acclaimed number “Kyun,” where the duo united and separated in “Kaise Kategi” released today, exclusively on Zee Music. This song promises to be a heart-rending masterpiece that will resonate with audiences who appreciate soulful music and emotional storytelling.

Simran Nerurkar, known for her remarkable performances in the web series “Sunflower” and the film “Maja Maa,” brings her incredible charm to the screen once again. Suhail Nayyar, who captivated audiences with his lead role in the Amazon Prime series “Jee Karda” and appeared in the film “Sharmaji Namkeen,” showcases his versatility as an actor and adds depth to the narrative.

Simran Nerurkar and Suhail Nayyar

The team at Winter Sun Movies has meticulously crafted the visuals of “Kaise Kategi” to capture the essence of the song. Filmed along the Ghats of the Holy Riverer Ganga in Banaras , the cinematography beautifully complements the emotional journey portrayed by Simran and Suhail. The soulful voice of Shahid Mallya adds an ethereal touch to the song, making it an unforgettable experience for the audience.

“We are thrilled to present ‘Kaise Kategi,’ a song that explores the depths of love, longing, and separation. Simran Nerurkar and Suhail Nayyar have delivered exceptional performances, breathing life into the poignant lyrics of the song. With Shahid Mallya’s soul-stirring voice, we believe this song will touch the hearts of our viewers,” expressed the spokesperson from Winter Sun Movies.

This song will bring back the evergreen era of the melody & meaningful lyrics.


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