Thursday, May 23, 2024

Seerat Kapoor:The creative arts are so connected to who you are as a person”

Seerat started her acting career with Run Raja Run; later, the actress gave several hits to the audience. From being in films like  Raju Gari Gadhi 2, Okkashanam, Krishna and his Leela, Columbus, Touch Chesi Chudu, Tiger, and then later Maarrich, Seerat Kapoor has come a long way.

Talking about her journey, and the choices she made with her films, the actress says, “My journey has been more internal. My decisions so far have always stemmed from my instincts. In a nutshell, this has been my root. Everyone has their own path, and it doesn’t have to be a sob story. Looking back at my career, I feel in hindsight that the characters I have played have remained in the hearts of the audience, which is why the journey is still ongoing. The things that didn’t work out for me have taught me to figure out life my way”

Seerat continues, “She says an actor should at the very least try and attempt to break stereotypes and choose roles that put them out of their comfort zones. “How else would you grow?” She questions. “You’ll only do things that come naturally to you, stifling your growth.” The actress further says, “Maarrich was a bold choice for a debut, but I wanted to experiment with characters that elevated realism in movies”

Talking about experimenting with unconventional roles, the actress further adds, “I’m open-minded about life in general. I don’t overthink my decisions beyond what feels right. But I think everything that has happened has happened at the right time for me to grow. The creative arts are so connected to who you are as a person.”

In terms of her professional career, Seerat Kapoor will soon be playing the female lead in Dil Raju’s next production venture, which is yet to be titled.


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