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Seerat Kapoors Then And Now Pics Will Leave Your Jaw Dropped: Find Out The Actresses Fitness Secrets Now!

One of the most talented actress of Bollywood, Seerat Kapoor started with a rather simple girl-next-door vibe. And within a short period, ‘Krishna and His Leela’ fame turned herself into the most gorgeous and stylish diva. Recently the actress captured the limelight with her big Bollywood debut in ‘Maarrich’. Now, Seerat Kapoor has paved her way into the hearts of the audience with her brilliant acting skills and fashionable style!

Seerat Kapoor has also emerged as a fashion icon over the years. Be it a star-studded event, promotional event, or just a gym look, Seerat often makes a statement with her sartorial choices. So now, we bring to you the actress’s fitness secrets that helped her with her transformation. When asked about her diet and what helps her maintain her curvaceous figure, the actress said, “It’s important to keep up with healthy eating habits to get the right fuel for your body. I too have made lifestyle changes to stay healthy and in shape. I keep all my meals simple and easy to make, like my typical breakfast would be a classic eggwhites omelette and a toast”

Seerat added, “When it comes to working out, EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) and Pilates work for me. It surely requires a lot of discipline to stick to a routine to get desired results and look fabulous on camera”

While talking about body positivity, the actress further added, “I don’t do extreme crash diets or fasting. I wouldn’t promote such fads. It’s important to figure out what works best for your body and then stick to it. I feel it’s really important to stay consistent and compassionate with your body”

We clearly can’t stop gushing over Seerat’s beauty, style, and elegance. Can you?

In terms of her professional career, Seerat Kapoor will soon be playing the female lead in Dil Raju’s next production venture, which is yet to be titled.


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