Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Seerat Kapoor’s Heartfelt Birthday Tribute to ‘Mr. Badmash’ Aman Preet Singh Sparks Adoratio

Seerat Kapoor affectionately refers to her rumored beau, Aman Preet Singh, as “Mr. Badmash,” a term of endearment that speaks volumes about their relationship. The actress, known for her charm and magnetic presence, delighted her fans once again by sharing heartfelt and playful pictures on her Instagram to mark Aman Preet’s birthday.

In these candid snapshots from her sister Rakul Preet’s wedding to Jacky Bhagnani, Seerat Kapoor and Aman Preet exude undeniable chemistry and adorableness. Expressing her gratitude for his presence in her life, Seerat captioned the images with a heartfelt message, celebrating their companionship and mischief together.

Rakul Preet, upon seeing the delightful pictures, couldn’t resist showering love on the couple, acknowledging their sweetness with an affectionate comment.


While the duo has chosen to keep their relationship status private, their charming bond and delightful interactions in these pictures speak volumes. Seerat Kapoor’s active participation in Rakul Preet’s wedding as a bridesmaid further solidifies their connection. Despite the absence of official confirmation, their genuine moments shared on social media paint a picture of love and happiness, leaving fans and media to speculate about their relationship status.

These candid glimpses into their relationship reveal a playful and joyful dynamic, making them one of the most adorable couples in the industry, whether or not they choose to make their relationship public.


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