Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Sana Raees Khan strengthens her position in the Bigg Boss house!

Lawyer Sana Raees Khan is upping her game in the Bigg Boss house and how! While she might not be looking for opportunities to raise her voice, Sana makes sure to be heard when she has to. During the nomination task yesterday, Sana made sure to tell Arun and Tehelka that she does not agree with their justification of nominating her.

Arun and Tehelka said that Sana needs to be nominated for the entire season, as she is not doing much in the game. However, Sana was very clear in telling them that they were not doing the right thing. Anurag, then, jumped to Sana’s defence and said very clearly that Sana had improved her game, and does not deserve to be nominated.

In fact, this nomination created quite a havoc, with many people wondering why Sana’s name was not taken. Aishwarya and Abhishek were both seen asking others why Sana was not nominated?

At the same time, we see her being a friend to Mannara. From the last two episodes, Sana has been comforting Mannara, telling her who is saying what about her. She has been her listening ear, which is what everyone needs in the Bigg Boss house.


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