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Salve Pharmaceuticals Unravels the secrets behind Sunprotek – A revolutionary Brand for 360-Degree Broad-Spectrum Sun Protection

Mumbai, 30th May 2023:  Sunprotek brand offers an ultimate sun protection range of products designed to provide a long-lasting shield against harmful UV rays.

“We are excited to present Sunprotek, a brand that has been carefully designed to meet the needs of our customers. With a rise in the number of skin cancer cases and other skin-related conditions, it is more important than ever before to use a reliable sun protection solution. We believe Sunprotek will make a significant difference to the lives of our customers by providing long-lasting protection from harmful UV rays” says Mr. Ajay Kakar, CEO and Founder, Salve Group of Companies.

The Sunprotek range has been formulated using advanced technology, combining a blend of active ingredients that work together to offer superior sun protection. The products are non-comedogenic, water-resistant, and sweat-proof and have a lightweight formula that does not leave a greasy residue on the skin. The products are cosmetically accepted, scientifically validated & authenticated formulations for all the label claims.

The Sunprotek range includes

  • Sunprotek 30+ Gel
  • Sunprotek 50+ Gel
  • Sunprotek 30 Lotion

The Sunprotek range is based on a USFDA-compliant sunscreen solution and is an ideal, smooth, and elegant protection for all skin types. It is a gel-based, broad-spectrum sunscreen introduced in India with unique water-in-oil-emulsion encapsulation nanotechnology.

About Salve Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

Salve Group of Companies is a fast-growing conglomerate catering exclusively to the dermatology and cosmetology segments. Established in 2006 as a part of the Salve Group of Companies founded by Mr. Ajay Kakar and Archana Kakar, Salve Pharmaceuticals aims at producing and developing the most effective and safest products in the skincare industry. The company has wide experience in developing derma, cosmetic and aesthetic products at its two innovative manufacturing facilities.


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