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Saanand Verma shares his pride for Bihar

Bihar Diwas, also known as Bihar Sthapna Diwas, is observed every year on March 22nd, marking the formation of the state of Bihar. In the 111th year, Bihar-born Sannad Verma essaying Anokhe Lal Saxena in &TV’s cult comedy show Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, expresses his regional pride and best wishes to people in Bihar. He says, “I am a proud Bihari, and everything I have accomplished personally and professionally is due to the support of my friends, family, and fans here. Bihar has much to offer the world, from its cultural heritage, monuments, art, music, and architecture to a rich history and delectable cuisines. There are many fascinating aspects to Bihar, but let me highlight a few. ‘Bihar’ derives from the Sanskrit and Pali word ‘Vihara,’ which means abode or home. Surprisingly, one of the most enthralling ideas in human history, the concept of “non-violence,” originates in Bihar. The state has a glorious history, with major empires growing and collapsing here. This rich land of Bihar is also well-known for its cuisines, such as Litti Chokha, Chana Ghugni, Khaja, and many others.”

He adds, “The state has several noteworthy historical monuments and is a sacred place for various religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Islam. Among all Indian states, Bihar is the one most intimately linked to Buddha’s life, which has resulted in a trail of pilgrimages that have come to be known as the Buddhist circuit. However, Bihar’s popularity for its dialect in the entertainment industry is another reason I feel proud about it. Here’s wishing all my fellow Biharis a very happy Bihar Diwas and wishing that our state continues to touch new heights of development.”

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