Thursday, June 13, 2024

Rapper Shatrunj’s Rap Song “Feel Like AAA Gangstaa” Released

New experiments are being done day in and day out in the music world. Seeing the increasing craze as well as trend of gangstaa rap by the young generation, a young rapper Tarun Mehra aka Shatrunj’s first gangstaa rap song “Feel Like AAA Gangstaa” has been released by Infinix Music which is getting a very good response from the audience. This song was launched in a unique way at Ispato My Learn Coffee in Mumbai. The producers of the song are Vishwas Tyagi and Udit Oberoi and the director is Aditya Jain. On the occasion of the launch, rapper Shatranj also performed on this song, and all the guests present there appreciated his infectious energy a lot.

Director Aditya Jain said that Gangstaa Rap or Gangster Rap has been quite popular in foreign countries, which is a style of singing and dancing. The special culture of those who roam the urban streets is presented in such songs. Gangster rap has gained a lot of mainstream popularity. When I heard some rap songs written by rapper Shatranj, I felt that his songs could be presented to the audience in the form of gangster rap.

The director further said that Shatranj is a hardcore rapper who speaks his heart in a different style. He has been writing rap songs since he was ten years old and his style is different. He presents his feelings about the society in the form of rap. “The visuals of gangstaa rap are black and white. We shot it in color but gangstaa music is such a form that the videos are always in black and white. We have not shown any weapon or girl in this song, just an attitude and a style of the rapper which takes the audience to an entirely different world”.

Shatranj’s real name is Tarun Mehra and he hails from Punjab. He considers rapper Bohemia as his idol. He says, “In this song I am talking about the self-attitude of not living in fear of anyone in society. This is a motivational song.”

The director says that Shatranj not only has a different voice but also wants to say something through his lyrics. It has been shot in Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Rohtak, Delhi, Mayapuri, Noida, Agra, Jaipur, Gurgaon, Rajasthan and Mumbai. The whole of India is shown in this.”

The lyricist, composer and singer of this rap song, made under the banner of Shivaay Production House, is Shatranj while the music is given by Kissu Rajput. Editor is Jeet Singh Mehta, DOP is Pinku Chauhan, Creative Director is Sachin Halkunde, EP is Vicky Gupta, Line Producer is Rohit Tihara. Special thanks have been given to Jayant Sanwal and Rohit Sharma in this project and EON project has also received support from Fair Fox Group Noida.

Singers Harika and Vicky Marle were also present on the occasion and they will be seen in the company’s upcoming projects.


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