Monday, June 17, 2024

Ranapratap Singh: The Determined Young Trekker Made History

In a small town called Baniyapur, Bihar, there’s a young man named Ranapratap Singh who’s about to do something really cool. Even though he’s only 23 years old, Ranapratap made a history by becoming the fastest trekker ever!

Last week interviewed rana told us that he is eager to trek kedartal trek but after reaching base village his entry to summit kedartal got denied due to bad weather, than his coach manish jha and rana decided to summit other peak which called gaumukh tapovan trek, which hight and distance similar to kedartal, and his coach manish jha spoke with world record authorities regarding this and after some hrs. They approved there ask,With the help of Manish Jha, who’s super good at climbing and has won three world records, Ranapratap got title of world record holder On May 15th 2024.

Ranapratap’s family used to live in Bihar, where they had a small shop, but they moved to Umbergaon, Gujarat, because they needed more money. Even though things weren’t easy, Ranapratap never gave up on his dreams. He loves sports and wants to join the army to make his country proud.

For the past five months, Ranapratap has been working really hard, training every day to get ready for his big adventure. He’s been learning a lot from Manish Jha, who’s been like a coach and mentor to him.

Let us tell you that Manish Jha is the one who made the name of entire Bihar a world record thrice and raised the name of his district Madhubani in the whole world. He has also been awarded Bihar Ratna, And last year Manish had said in an interview that records are made only to be broken. I would like my record to be broken but my record is only for a boy or a girl from my state Bihar. I would love it and I will give them complete training for that. Will also give, and from here Ranpratap’s training started.

Ranapratap’s friends and family call him “Major Rana” because he’s so determined and never gives up. He’s already a National Champion in Kabaddi, which shows just how strong and determined he is.

As the big day approaches, everyone is cheering for Ranapratap. He’s not just climbing mountains—he’s showing everyone that with hard work and determination, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Ranapratap Singh is a true inspiration for us all!


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