Sunday, June 16, 2024

Ranaksh Rana: Embracing the Festive Season for a Positive Mental Boost

Actor Ranaksh Rana, known for his appearances in music videos like “Fidaai” and “Bagh Na Jara,” finds solace and joy in the festive spirit. He believes that festivals play a significant role in uplifting one’s spirits and offer valuable perspectives on life.

Ranaksh shares, “The lively ambiance of the festive season works wonders for our mental well-being. It provides a compelling reason to pause, reflect, and cherish life. It’s a splendid way to conclude the year on a high note. It’s also essential to delve into the historical significance of these celebrations.”

He goes on to explain, “The collective energy during festivals has a profound impact on individual energy. A prevailing sense of elevated moods permeates the atmosphere. Humans thrive on shared experiences; we are interconnected. The sense of community that festivals foster is a wholesome experience. A positive collective mood enhances various facets of life.”

For Ranaksh, the true essence of festivals lies in the quality of company. He emphasizes, “I believe that festivals are a wonderful avenue for bringing people together. The presence of good company can elevate any experience. Festivals, being occasions to commemorate something special, naturally draw us closer to our loved ones.”

Furthermore, he values the importance of understanding the roots, cultures, and traditions that underpin these celebrations. He asserts, “It’s crucial to comprehend the ‘why’ behind our traditions. Embracing traditional living doesn’t imply rejecting the convenience of technological advancements. It’s all about setting priorities. While technology has its place in keeping us connected with loved ones, nothing can replace the warmth of being with family and savoring traditional delicacies during a festival. The feeling of togetherness is irreplaceable, and no virtual wish can match the experience of sitting with family. Technology has undoubtedly made it easier to stay in touch, especially when we are far from our loved ones, and that’s a positive application of it.”


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