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”Rainbow Rishta is a celebration of superheroes” says director Jaydeep Sarkar as they launch the refreshing trailer of the upcoming series

  • We can’t wait to watch Jaydeep Sarkar’s ‘Rainbow Rishta’ after reading his heartfelt and personal note for the trailer launch
  • Rainbow Rishta becomes a highly anticipated series after Jaydeep Sarkar shares a personal and heartfelt note on social media for the trailer launch

Rainbow Rishta, the much-awaited unscripted docuseries directed by Jaydeep Sarkar, is set to break new ground and illuminate screens on November 7. The director recently shared a heartfelt note on the trailer’s launch, and its impact is as refreshing as the trailer itself.

In his unfiltered and candid note, Jaydeep Sarkar reflects on his own journey as a queer individual, growing up in the ’90s when LGBTQ+ representation was scarce. He shares, “Growing up in the nineties, if I had seen stories of triumphant queer folx, I wouldn’t have waited till my mid-thirties to finally come out of the closet!
So, with Rainbow Rishta, wanted to find stories that I could share with my younger self. While crafting this show, we embarked on a profound journey with our characters, witnessing them conquer their own winding paths. Through their love, our characters taught us that love itself is the ultimate revolution.
Rainbow Rishta is a celebration of these superheroes!
To that young queer soul watching this show somewhere, I hope you recognize that there are kindred spirits like you EVERYWHERE. And never forget, your dreams are not only valid but very essential!”

Rainbow Rishta is more than just a docuseries, it’s a celebration of LGBTQIA+ superheroes and their unique, profound, and personal journeys. The unscripted format of the show allows for an unfiltered and unflinchingly honest portrayal of real-life experiences from different parts of the country, making it incredibly impactful and hopeful.
Catch the show streaming on Prime Video from November 7th.


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