Saturday, February 24, 2024

Rainbow Rishta: A Musical Tapestry of India’s Diverse Sounds and Stories

  • Rainbow Rishta gifts a vibrant rainbow of music, from various corners of India. From foot-tapping tracks to melancholic ballads, this album is deliciously diverse!

Rainbow Rishta is not just a gift to the viewer, for the range of stories it presents but also the vast span of indie and contemporary Indian music the album has managed to curate! From Bhayander to Manipur, the album is possibly the most diverse album curated for an Indian OTT show!

Jaydeep Sarkar, the series director of Rainbow Rishta, collaborated with Sanjay Das along with Rishikesh Thangjam, Chaoba Thiyam and Satyajit Chatterji to create the haunting and moving background score. At points in the show, you forget these are real people, as the stories draw you in. And it’s largely to do with the music of the show.

But the album also features some of India’s hottest new indie artists from Komorebi, Babiecino, Rono, Sabu & Raunak Maiti and the soulful Manipuri musical enigmas The Koi & Siyom. The album also features three songs by the Konkani band Vindaloos, with two songs rendered by Sarita Vaz. The reason behind this diversity was very simple, according to Jaydeep. He wanted the music of the stories to be authentic to the worlds of the characters. And this is why the stories become so raw and riveting.

Sanjay Das collaborated with The Koi (Rishikesh Thangjam) and Siyom (Chaoba Thiyam) to create the soundscape of the show. This mainstreaming of Manipur’s phenomenal music is such a gift, especially in these times. In this regard, Rainbow Rishta delivers on representation on not just the queer front but also in its sonic selections.


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