Thursday, May 23, 2024

“Pyaari Tarawali The True Story” is the true story of a rebellious and rebellious woman starring Dolly Tomar

Man made the rules, besides implementing them, but the poor woman has been following them, one of them did what she wanted, so she became bad,and that woman is me.

“Pyaari” is the reflection of every woman because in reality ‘every woman is lovely’. The first glimpse of this extraordinary picture made under the banner of Omsheel Production has been unveiled today. The audience is surprised to see the different avatar and look of Dolly Tomar in this first glimpse., where Dolly Tomar is seen running, but the mystery as to why she is running will be released on 27th October 2023. However, the first glimpse has created curiosity and excitement among the audience about the film.

For centuries, Indian women have been living like caged birds due to the strict treatment of the society and the domineering men. But due to rapid social changes, women’s rebellion is no longer as difficult as it used to be. Today’s woman is ready to break all the chains of false customs and fly to live with her dreams, desires and respect.

The story of one such rebellious and rebellious woman is “Pyaari Tarawali The True Story”. This heart-touching romantic drama revolves around the hidden and untold pain of every woman. Versatile actress Dolly Tomar plays the title role in it. The film is all set to release in theaters on 27 October 2023.

Actress Dolly Tomar, who has shown her acting prowess in many TV serials and music videos, has played the title role of Pyaari in this woman-oriented film with great gusto. This is the reason why this film has been screened in many film festivals around the world where it has been awarded awards.

Dolly Tomar, who played this challenging character, says that the experience of shooting this film based on the theme of women empowerment in Bhopal was very effective and memorable. The feature film “Pyaari Tarawali The True Story” is based on a novel based on a true incident. The film was shot in Madhya Pradesh, written and directed by Rajneesh Dubey.

The producers of this film are Kalpana Rajput, Amit Gupta and the co-producers are Rehman Ali, Rajaram Patidar and Khurram Syed. The creative producer is Syed Hussain. The lead actors of the film include Dolly Tomar, Bobby Vats, Uday Atraulia, Rajneesh Dubey and Satya Agnihotri.


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