Sunday, March 3, 2024

Protect Your Digital Payments: Essential Precautions to Prevent Emptying Your Account

Digital Payment Fraud: Instead of physical payment, people are now using digital payment. In this mode, you can easily make payments anywhere. But the way online payment is increasing, similarly, the cases of fraud are also increasing. Frauds are taking place in many ways. If you are also making online payments then you need to be careful. Let us know how to avoid online fraud.

How to avoid online fraud?

You always need to be vigilant to avoid online fraud. You should always keep the password of your digital account unique so that no one can easily access your account. Along with this, you should also keep two-factor authentication active. With this, you should never tell your personal and financial information to anyone. You should always keep an eye on your account, any suspicious payment you must report to the service provider.

Avoid fraud in these ways

  • You should always make sure that your device and payment are up to date.
  • You should only use trusted apps. You should not download any suspicious apps. That’s why you should download only such apps which have a good track record of security.
  • You should always be on the lookout for scams. You must know what kind of scams are happening in the market. If you stay updated, then you can save yourself from many frauds.
  • You must check the payment amount and receipt details before making any payment. In such a situation, you are saved from sending money to the wrong address.
  • You should avoid using public Wi-Fi. Many frauds are committed by using public Wi-Fi. You should always use a Virtual Private Network to avoid hackers.
  • You should beware of fraud trades. The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) keeps on reporting such frauds. In today’s time, more frauds are done through social engineering techniques.

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