Thursday, June 13, 2024

Producer Mukund Atamaram Mahale and Jagruti Rahul More’s “Ganpati Mujhme” released by Dummru Music

On the occasion of the festival of Ganpati, a very melodious, melodious and heart touching Shri Ganesh bhajan “Ganpati Mujhme” by producers Mukund Atamaram Mahale and Jagruti Rahul More has been released by Dummru Music which is getting very good response from the listeners and viewers. Is.

Dharmendra K Roy, owner of Dummru Music, is the presenter of this song. Singer and composer is Kumar Sapan while Mahabharat serial fame actor Gufi Paintal is the lyricist of this song.

Let us tell you that this is the second project of producer Mukund Atamaram Mahale. His first album “Ban Gaya Yogi” was released 2 months ago. He says that this song was planned to be released before Ganpati festival but Dummru Music Channel liked this song and they immediately responded and released the song. People are liking the song as soon as they hear it.

Producer Mukund Atamaram Mahale told that actor Gufi Paintal ji passed away a few months ago. He gave this song to my friend Kumar Sapan. Sapan played the song for me, I liked it, I immediately got it recorded for which Sapan gave the music and also sang it himself.

Producer Jagruti Rahul More says that Dharmendra K Roy liked this song very much. He is a promising producer. If you are a devotee of Lord Shiva then how could you refuse Ganpati Bhajan.

He further said that after this there is a song on Radha ji. Then we will take you to see Vitthal ji of Pandharpur.
The song Ganpati Mujhme, made under the banner of Jagruti Entertainment, is being shared a lot on social media.


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