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Prem Group to Host 4-Day MahaRERAAgent Training Program

This 20-hour training can be done online, but the Prem Group has organized
four batches of physical training in Mumbai, making it accessible
to real estate agents in the neighbouring areas


Mumbai, 28th June, 2023: The Prem Group, a renowned real estate development company based in Mulund, will host a four-day real estate agent training program on July 4 & 5 and July 11 &12 between 4.00 pm and 9.00 pm. The venue of the program is Kelkar College, Mulund (East).

Prem Group has always been at the forefront of real estate excellence, offering comprehensive solutions and remarkable services to its buyers. With its commitment to professionalism and industry expertise, the company recognizes the importance of empowering aspiring brokers and agents with the necessary tools to succeed in their careers.

That is why the Prem Group is supporting MahaRERA Agent Training Program run by The Real Estate Management Instiute under the National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO-REMI). What sets this training program apart is that Maha-RERA themselves have appointed NAREDCO-REMI as the official partner to deliver the preparatory training program.

In keeping with international standards, MahaRERA has mandated the Real Estate Agent Certification Examination. This training helps real estate agents learn about their roles and responsibilities under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016. It also provides an in-depth understanding of the MahaRERA portal and helps with the navigation of the complex due diligence for facilitating the sale of property.

Although this 20-hour training can be done online, the Prem Group has organized four batches of physical training in Mulund (East), making it accessible to real estate agents in the neighbouring areas.

Benefits of On-site training

  • Extensive Exam Preparation: The comprehensive curriculum of the training program covers all the essential topics, regulations and laws outlined in the MahaRERA rules which will be covered in 20 hours
  • Interactive Learning Environment: The training sessions are designed to be engaging, encouraging active participation and fostering meaningful discussions. The agents have the opportunity to clarify doubts, share insights and learn from the collective experience of their peers
  • Mock Exams & Practice Sessions: To boost confidence and exam readiness, the training provides mock exams and practice sessions. These simulations allow agents to familiarize themselves with the exam format, time constraints and question types, enabling them to optimize their performance on actual test day
  • Personalized Guidance & Support: The dedicated trainers’ and instructors’ team is world-class and the training program provides an opportunity to interact with this experienced team
  • Networking Opportunities Abound: As part of the program, brokers and agents also have the opportunity to connect with peers in the industry and expand their network which open doors to exciting career prospects

In brief, the Prem Group makes this training program more accessible to aspiring real estate brokers and agents. At the end of the program, candidates will receive a course completion certificate issued by NAREDCO-REMI and will be prepared to ace the forthcoming MahaRERA exam.

The 4-Day Training Will Include

  1. Course Orientation
  2. Introduction to Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA)
  3. Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA)
  4. Understanding of MahaRERA Portal
  5. Real Estate Agent Registration and Responsibilities
  6. Real Estate Project Registration and Promoter Responsibilities
  7. Allottees and their Responsibilities
  8. Due Diligence before Facilitating Sale of Property
  9. Sales Process, Forms and Agreements
  10. Real Estate Calculations

When: 4th-5th July and 11th-12th July

Where:Kelkar Education Trust’s V.G.Vaze College of Arts,
Science and Commerce(Autonomous),
Mithagar Road, Mulund(East), Mumbai

Time: 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Where to register:+91-9372386160 | +91-9326691397 | +91-9769762525


Fees: Rs 4,000 + (18%GST) = Rs 4,720


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