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Praise and Optimism from Tech Leaders: Insights on Union Budget 2024-25

ParkMate Quote

Mr. Abhimanyu Singh – Co-founder & CTO at ParkMate

Abhimanyu Singh

ParkMate applauds the interim Union Budget 2024-25 for its commendable focus on fortifying the electric vehicle ecosystem, a positive development for all parking management stakeholders. The government’s pledge to allocate a 1-lakh crore corpus with a 50-year interest-free financing scheme for private sector R&D holds tremendous promise, capable of ushering innovative solutions across sectors. Importantly, this substantial financial commitment not only empowers ongoing research and development initiatives but also lays the foundation for transformative, long-term projects. In addition, the extension of tax benefits to startups until March 31, 2025, reflects the government’s ongoing support for entrepreneurial ventures, including those in the auto-tech space like ParkMate” said Mr. Abhimanyu Singh – Co-founder & CTO at ParkMate

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e-Sprinto Quote

Mr. Atul Gupta- Co-founder & Director at e-Sprinto


“Certainly, particulars in regard to the E-Mobility mission and encouragement of EV infrastructure were missing in the speech, however, the budget did point towards creating ambitious policies towards adoption of EVs in the public transportation sector. Furthermore, since the budget has circumscribed the requirement to strengthen manufacturing of EVs and infrastructure, we can be sure that it stands high on the government’s agenda, and we do expect supporting policies to follow soon,” said Mr. Atul Gupta- Co-founder & Director at e-Sprinto.

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Keydroid Quote

Mr.- Co-founder & CEO at Keydroid


Rajat Jaiswal

The government’s resolute commitment to bolstering India’s automotive ecosystem echoes loudly in this year’s budget. The emphasis on fortifying the electric vehicle (EV) sector through robust support for manufacturing and charging infrastructure is a positive stride. The allocation of a 1-lakh crore corpus, with 50-year interest-free financing, aims to propel private sector R&D, fostering innovation. Extending tax benefits to startups until March 31, 2025, emphasizes a supportive environment for entrepreneurial ventures. While this interim budget recognizes the transformative shift in the automotive sector, we await full budget policies post general elections to address the evolving landscape comprehensively, ensuring sustained growth for consumers, OEMs and suppliers” said Mr. Rajat Jaiswal – Co-founder & CEO at Keydroid

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DashLoc Quote

Mr. Sumit Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of DashLoc

Mr. Sumit Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of DashLoc

The budget has clearly exhibited that the government is extending full-fledged support towards adoption of technology across sectors. The special mention that deeptech in defence section gained in the speech truly indicates that the government is going to support emerging technologies in crucial sectors too. Alongside, it is a matter of pride that STEM courses have seen aggressive enrolment from women. We can expect a quality and skilled workforce in India that will keep the wheel running towards striking progress.” Said Mr. Sumit Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of DashLoc

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