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PBA Film City was to address the scarcity of employment opportunities in the film industry.”, says Tejjas Bhaleyrao on his Filmcity in Pune

  • Tejjas Bhaleyrao says, “My Film City in Pune Is A Hub of Opportunities for New Talents”
  • PBA serves the wide range of production services related to Films and many more”, says the owner of Pune Film City Tejjas Bhaleyrao

Tejjas Bhaleyrao, a visionary entrepreneur and film enthusiast, has made a significant mark in the entertainment industry by establishing state-of-the-art Film City in Pune. Bhaleyrao’s endeavor not only showcases his passion for cinema but also reflects his commitment to fostering the growth of new talents in the industry.

Tejjas Bhaleyrao PBA Film City in Pune has emerged as a beacon of hope for countless aspiring filmmakers and actors who have struggled to find the right opportunities to showcase their skills. With an array of modern infrastructure, such as sound stages, production sets, editing studios, and post-production facilities, the Film City acts as a platform for aspiring artists to bring their imaginative ideas to life.

To which Tejjas Bhaleyrao says ” One of the primary motivations behind the establishment of PBA Film City was to address the scarcity of employment opportunities in the film industry. The Film City has not only created numerous jobs for actors, technicians, and production crew members but has also facilitated collaborations between industry veterans and newcomers. By offering a range of production services, such as equipment rental, set design, and post-production facilities, even for pre wedding shoots the PBA Film City has become a thriving ecosystem that sustains the livelihoods of many individuals associated with the film industry.

He further went on to say,” The Film City serves as a hub for collaboration and networking within the film industry. My main vision is to established strong ties with renowned directors, producers, and artists, facilitating interactions between established industry emerging professionals and soon we are going to be launching 3 more branches under the name of PBA filmcity soon.”

Tejjas Bhaleyrao vision and dedication to nurturing new talents have not only transformed Pune into a burgeoning film hub but have also enriched the Indian cinema landscape as a whole.


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