Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Pawan Singh & Khushboo Jain out with an emotional love song ‘Tumhare Siva’ produced by T-Series!

After hit songs like Laal Ghaghra, Zindagi and Baarish Ban Jaana among others, popular Bhojpuri singer Pawan Singh is out with his latest track ‘Tumhare Siva’ produced by T-Series. The love song with additional vocals by Khushboo Jain is composed by Nikhil Vinay- Chhote Baba and penned by Faaiz Anwaar and Sameer.

The music video of ‘Tumhare Siva’ depicts a sad story with a happy ending, showcasing the true test of love as a couple finds themselves in a midst of a dilemma. Pawan Singh plays a husband who is waiting in hope and desperation for his wife (played by Swati Chauhan) to recover from a paralysis.

Talking about the song, Pawan Singh said, “Tumhare Siva is about eternal love; one that stands the test of time. The lyrics are very emotional and touching and I hope my fans and listeners enjoy this track.”

Adds Khushboo Jain, “Pawan Singh and I have worked on peppy and uptempto tracks in the past but this one is really different and stands out. ‘Tumhare Siva’ is a melodious, emotional love song and I enjoyed recording this track with Pawan.”

Pawan Singh’s ‘Tumhare Siva’ featuring Khushboo Jain is produced by T-Series. The song is out now on T-Series’ YouTube channel.


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