Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Parastri: A Gripping Erotic Crime Thriller Unveiling the Dark Realities of Extra-Marital Affairs

Parstri is one of the best erotic crime thriller film depicting the present day extra marital affairs and its ill effects. Perhaps this is the reason that the film has got a great opening everywhere, and even better is expected from the film on the weekend ahead. In India, having an extra-marital relationship with a foreign woman is a serious crime, but the plot of the film Parastri has been woven around one such story. Suspense, thrill, murder and sex have been served in the best form in this story. The film is jointly made in Indo Nepal. Along with its release today, the film is getting a very good response. The entire film has been shot in the plains of Nepal.

Film Parastri is produced by Sharmila Pandey under the banner of DS Digital and Nandi Creation. The co-producer of the film is Pushparaj T. Neopane. The writer of the film is Dipendra K. Khanal, while this film Parastri has been directed by Suraj Pandey. The film is made in both Hindi and Nepali languages. A lot of craze is being seen among the youth regarding the film. The film mainly stars actress Shilpa Maske along with Koshish Chhetri and Gaurav Bisht in pivotal roles. You will also see exposure in the film.

The music of the film Parastri is composed by KK Brothers, which are decorated with notes by Kunal Ganjawala, Amit Mishra and Sonal Pradhan. The music of the film has been released by B4U Music across platforms. Overall, there is such a good rhythm of the story with the songs of this film that it can prove to be a great film for the violence of today’s generation.


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