Thursday, June 13, 2024

Ongoing Dialogue with Hind Kesari: Exploring Collaborative Prospects in Indian Style Wrestling Championship

In accordance with Regulation 30 of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015, we hereby inform the exchange about a significant interaction between the Directors of Rose Merc Ltd. and key representatives of the esteemed Traditional Wrestling Title, “Hind Kesari.” This interaction aimed to delve into potential joint ventures or partnership opportunities via our affiliated entity, Jadhav Rose Merc Sports Pvt. Ltd., involving the respective boards of directors.

Present at the Discussion:

  • Purvesh Shelatkar: Independent Director and Chairman (Rose Merc Ltd)
  • Dattatray Jadhav: Director (Jadhav Rose Merc Sports Pvt Ltd)
  • Gaurav Roshan Lal Sachdeva: Secretary General (Indian Style Wrestling Association of India)
  • Mohan Khopade: General Secretary (Maharashtra State Indian Style Wrestling Association)
  • Juginder Pal Chakarvati: Adviser (World Federation of Indian Style Wrestling)
  • Qazi Abdul Matheen: Sports Enthusiast (Dubai)

“Hind Kesari,” established in 1958, stands as India’s most prestigious and renowned wrestling (Kushti) title, attracting notable contenders each year in a spirited battle for supremacy. Aligned with the Indian Style Wrestling Association of India (ISWAI), this championship holds profound cultural significance. Indian Style Wrestling, also known as Kushti, is a traditional indigenous sport that garners extensive audience engagement during matches, where the participants engage in bouts on a mud-based arena, distinguishing it from the conventional mat-based professional wrestling.

Dattatray Jadhav from Jadhav Rose Merc Sports Pvt. Ltd. expressed, “Our admiration for this sport has driven us to explore its potential avenues for a considerable period. Given the prominence of Hind Kesari in the wrestling domain, it was only natural for us to initiate discussions, aiming to explore diverse pathways to enhance the sport’s popularity. Our interaction with the officials of the Hind Kesari federation yielded fruitful insights, encompassing prospects like joint ventures and event management.”

Independent Director of Rose Merc Ltd., Purvesh Shelatkar, shared his perspective on this development, stating, “We recognize substantial opportunities within the sports industry, particularly in domains that remain relatively untapped. It was with this foresight that our associate entity, Jadhav Rose Merc Sports Pvt. Ltd., was established. I am content with the strides we are making in this direction. Our eagerness to align with a prestigious title like ‘Hind Kesari’ and its associated sport stems from our belief in the potential for further popularizing this sport. We are confident in our capacity as an organization to contribute significantly to this pursuit.”

We are committed to updating the exchange about any further progress in this exciting collaboration.


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