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Oasis Fertility launches its 33rd centre in the country

  • Oasis Fertility as part of its expansion plans launches its 33rd centre in the country.
  • Oasis Fertility is co-founded by Dr Durga G Rao and Mr Kiran Gadela
  • Oasis Fertility is ranked as the No. 1 Fertility Chain in India 
  • The fertility centre is the 12th in Telangana
  • Offers personalized fertility treatments enabling couples to overcome infertility and attain parenthood

Hanamakonda, October 2023: Oasis Fertility launched a full-fledged IVF centre in Hanumakonda. This is the 12th in the state and 2nd in Warangal. With state-of-the-art IVF labs and advanced technology, the centre is all set to offer personalized fertility treatments to both men and women. 

The centre was inaugurated by Chief Guest Dr A Narasimha Reddy, Senior Gynecologist and Fertility Specialist, Managing Director, Warangal Hospital, and special guests Dr P Anjani Devi, Dr B Sandhya Rani. Dr Durga G Rao, Co-founder & Medical Director, Oasis Fertility, Dr Krishna Chaitanya, Scientific Head & Clinical Embryologist, Oasis Fertility, Dr Jalagam Kavya Rao, Clinical Head & Fertility Specialist, Oasis Fertility, Warangal & Hanamakonda, and Mr. Sudhaker Jadhav, Chief Operating Officer, Oasis Fertility graced the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Dr Durga G Rao, Co-founder & Medical Director, Oasis Fertility stated, “Our motto is to penetrate into deep pockets and make fertility treatments accessible and affordable to couples in tier 2, tier 3, and rural areas as well. We have advanced technologies to help women with repeated miscarriages, recurrent implantation failures, tubal blockage, advanced maternal age, PCOS, and endometriosis attain parenthood. We need to create awareness that can bring a ray of hope to fertility-challenged couples living in despair. With a very personalized approach, we help couples have a safer and more harmonious parenthood journey. 

We have the best team of fertility specialists and embryologists who are committed to providing treatments that are evidence-based, holistic, and compassionate. Our advanced fertility treatments like CAPA IVM are a boon to women with PCOS, cancer, etc. as it is a safer option with no side effects and is also less intensive. With PGT (Pre-implantation Genetic Testing), we can help reduce multiple pregnancies and also improve the success rate of IVF”.

Dr Krishna Chaitanya, Scientific Head and Clinical Embryologist, Oasis Fertility stated, “Male infertility is on the rise mainly due to smoking, alcohol consumption, pesticides and other environmental factors. We have exclusive male fertility centres named AndroLife through which we provide advanced fertility treatment options to men that can help them achieve fatherhood even with low or zero sperm count. The most vital aspect is men need to come out of denial mode, inhibitions, and fears and discuss their fertility issues frankly with a fertility specialist. 

Men who have cancer and who wish to have a child, need to consult a fertility specialist and take up fertility preservation that will enable them to preserve their sperms before cancer treatment and embark on the parenthood journey later at their convenience”. 

Speaking on the occasion, Dr A Narasimha Reddy, Senior Gynecologist and Fertility Specialist, Managing Director, Warangal Hospital stated, “Microfluidics and MicroTESE (Microsurgical Testicular Sperm Extraction) are advanced fertility procedures that can help men attain fatherhood despite infertility. Delaying fertility treatments is not a good option as it will have a negative impact on the treatment outcome. Healthy lifestyle modifications including regular exercise, consumption of healthy food and having proper sleep routine will boost fertility in both men and women.”

Dr Jalagam Kavya Rao, Clinical Head & Fertility Specialist, Oasis Fertility, Warangal & Hanamakonda stated, “Extremely glad to have our 2nd centre here in Hanamakonda. Through this launch, we desire to offer the joy of parenthood to many more families. Lack of awareness about fertility treatments is the major factor that is creating hopelessness and pain among fertility-challenged couples. We have the best IVF labs and technologies to help both men and women overcome infertility. Our wide array of treatments includes OITI, IUI, IVF, CAPA IVM, Fertility Preservation, Donor treatments, etc. We provided infertility treatment for more than 5000 people in this region.  

We intend to reduce the time to pregnancy with the right diagnosis, treatment and through technologies like PGT, and ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Array). It is important to realize that fertility declines with age and couples who wish to postpone parenthood can opt for social freezing by which they can preserve their eggs, sperms, or embryo and achieve pregnancy later in the future. Couples need to visit a fertility specialist if they are unable to conceive even after a year.” 


Oasis Fertility, a unit of the Sadguru Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd., has redefined reproductive care in India by bringing in internationally recognized best practices and protocols in Fertility treatments. It offers would-be parents a friendly ‘one-stop’ day-care clinic where consultations, investigations, and treatment are all conducted under one roof. Since its inception in 2009, Oasis has gained an excellent reputation for its high success rates driven by its high-quality services led by a team of experienced infertility specialists with international experience. The chain has expanded to 30+ centres across the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Odisha.


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