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Oasis Fertility, Kurnool creates history with the conception of a couple through CAPA IVM for the first time in Rayalaseema

Kurnool 27th October 2023: Parenthood journey is not the same for all and it could be little hard for some. The things that matter the most are hope, perseverance, patience and the right fertility centre. There are many couples who lose hope and give up their parenthood dream. One such couple who had many failed IUI and IVF cycles at several other centres had given up hope until they visited Oasis Fertility, Kurnool and due to CAPA IVM (Capacitation In vitro Maturation) an advanced fertility treatment, now this couple is expecting their baby after so many years of wait, struggle and uncertainty.

Dr Vijayalakshmi D, Clinical Head & Fertility Specialist, Kurnool decided to offer CAPA IVM as the woman had already suffered enough physical and mental agony for many years. For women who had several failed attempts at IUI and IVF, this advanced treatment can be a great relief as only a few injections are used and it is a safer and harmonious treatment experience with no side effects like OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome) that is observed in case of IVF. CAPA IVM is being offered by very few centres in the world.

In CAPA IVM, immature eggs are retrieved from the women using only 2 or 3 injections in contrast to conventional IVF wherein several injections are used to retrieve mature eggs. These immature eggs are allowed to mature in the lab after which these are fused with the sperms resulting in the formation of embryo. Hence, this treatment is very patient friendly and safe. 2 steps are carried out to help in the maturation of oocytes (eggs).

a. Oocytes are cultured in 24-hrs Prematuration Step (medium containing C-type natriuretic peptide)

b. Oocytes are cultured in 30 hrs Maturation Step (medium containing follicle stimulating hormone & Amphiregulin)

The prematuration step improves the maturation potential of oocytes following which mild stimulation IVF or ICSI is done.

Dr Vijayalakshmi D, has accomplished this incredible feat under the mentorship of Dr Durga G Rao, Co-founder & Medical Director, Oasis Fertility and Dr Krishna Chaitanya, Scientific Head and Clinical Embryologist, Oasis Fertility.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Vijayalakshmi D, Clinical Head & Fertility Specialist, Oasis Fertility, Kurnoolstated, We are delighted to report the conception of a couple through CAPA IVM for the first time in Rayalaseema. This new technique is a safer, less intensive and cost-effective means to achieve parenthood. CAPA IVM is a ray of hope for a specific set of population including women with PCOS, Resistant ovary syndrome, Oocyte maturation problems, Thrombophilia and Cancer. As we empathize with the patient for the kind of emotions they undergo through their treatment journey, we intend to provide a hassle-free treatment experience through CAPA IVM. We want the public to understand that IVF is not the only treatment for infertility and there are several other options as well as we offer personalized fertility treatment solutions. CAPA IVM, the most advanced treatment, performed in very few centers in the world, was performed at Oasis Fertility, Kurnool. In this particular person who got treated through CAPA IVF, the eggs were not growing, for which we offered this advanced treatment, and the woman became pregnant. It is the first case in Andhra Pradesh, which became positive. Only few centers in the world perform this procedure. Now this CAPA IVM technology is available in our country at Oasis Fertility center. It is beneficial to patients suffering from PCOS, which is prevalent off late, also in Cancer patients, patients’ suffering from blood clotting issues, oocyte maturation defect patients, resistant ovarian syndrome patients among others. The advantages of CAPA IVM are no injection or minimum dose of injection, with no side effects and is accessible cost wise.

Injections are given for 10 to 12 days during normal IVF treatment, once the eggs reach 2 cms in size, we inject sperm into the egg. But in CAPA IVM, 2 to 3 injections are given, it is also known as drug free IVF, where no injections are given, the eggs an”.


Oasis Fertility, a unit of the Sadguru Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd., has redefined reproductive care in India by bringing in internationally recognized best practices and protocols in Fertility treatments. It offers would-be parents a friendly ‘one-stop’ day-care clinic where consultations, investigations, and treatment are all conducted under one roof. Since its inception in 2009, Oasis has gained an excellent reputation for its high success rates driven by its high-quality services led by a team of experienced infertility specialists with international experience. The chain has expanded to 30+ centres across the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Odisha.


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