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Nukkad – The tale of stories and mystery, emotions and perspective

  • Nukkad – The tale of stories and mystery, emotions and perspective, the darkness and the light, the desires, dreams and destiny engaged with the characters; the play of the reality; released on Mask TV

Nukkad Directed by Abhik Benazir beautifully unfolds the tale of desire, dreams, destiny and attachments taking turns into the life of several human beings related to each other. Showcasing the complexities of human relationships by not being dependent to one character is the beauty of it all where every character is telling their own story, own emotional evolvements and decisions. There is darkness in all of us, some embrace it and some remain unaware of it for the rest of their lives. Afterall it’s all about the perspective on which one’s decision of life is solely dependent.

The series is divided into six episodes, each episode carrying its own beauty. Starting with the character of Sundar ( a sneak peak into the life of Sundar and Rekha, a typist who later meets Sundar and gets attached to him). Second episode named ” Moh Maya” depicting the mixed emotions of love and attachment that the cousin of Sundar, Binti develops for him. Third episode ” Nukkad ka Raaz” reveals the dark sides and mystery of several stories revolving around the characters. Fourth episode ” Majnu ki Laila” is all about the perspective, be it in love or life. The love perspective of Binti towards Sundar, Sundar’s love for Binti or Majnu’ s love for Rekha giving rise to the new stories and mysteries. The Fifth episode ” Nayi Kahaani” alone unfolding the climax indulged in the expression of Rekha’s side of the story, the consequences being the unexpressed love of Sundar for Binti. The last episode ” Gunahon ka Devta” is a real game changer as it shows what we manifest comes along; that life misery is inevitable and how our decisions pave a path to our own darkness and mystery. One’s journey is made of the decision and manifestation one make. We all travel from one darkness to another, it is the inner light that keeps us going.

Stating about the direction, each scene has been given a certain space for the clear understanding of the events. The end is however tragic, resembling the dark sides of the characters , the madness, mayhem and mania that overwhelm the characters at last, some characters reveal their essence, some remain unchanged and some evolve mysteriously. The cinematographic tone and theme of the series is kept dark and melancholic that obviously increases the effect on the audience. The series has perfectly showed an abstract idea of Nukkad in an easy manner to reach the mass. The presentation is aesthetic which gives a certain class to the subject.

Discussing about the dialogues and characters, Ved Prakash’s character Ranjit leaves a impactful presence on audience who does a Nukkad natak in his village and talks about the importance of differences in perspective and how it changes in the due course of life. Characters have beautifully played the positive and negative parts alternatively according to the demand of the metaphors and story. The nostalgic day to day life of the village, the comedy of their lives, their routines, mental and emotional involvements is perfectly shown in a relatable way to keep the audience involved.

Sanam Zeeya, Tripti Sahu, Abhik Benazir, Apala Bisht, Ved Prakash, Imran Hussain, Rohit Banerjee, Sagar Saini, Veena, Pooja, Sourabh , Preeti Sharma, Sunil Saini, Satish, Rubina Khan, Priyanka Kashyap, Vishal Singh and Karan Mehra have played the important characters in the Series. Directed by Abhik Benazir, Cinematography is by Ashok Panda, Creatively directed by Vinit Mishra and Akshay Yagnik, Music by Joy Dutta and Rudra Majumder. Produced under the banner Tag Productions, produced by Anju Bhatt and Chiranjeevi Bhatt, who continuously tries to introduce a new concept from time to time.

Overall it is worth to give it a binge watch.


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