Friday, June 21, 2024

Now account will be verified on LinkedIn as well, this feature will work like this, these people will get the benefit

Microsoft company Linkedin is launching a free subscription system that will allow users to prove their identity and where they work. Several options have been introduced for this verification.

These options include the ability to use CLEAR to prove your identity, verification of your workplace through an email address, and Microsoft’s Entra Verified ID platform to obtain a digital workplace ID.

Will not have to pay money?

You won’t need to pay to be verified like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. If your organization already uses Entra, you can verify your workplace using a company-issued email address or through Microsoft Entra.

If you want to verify your own identity, LinkedIn has partnered with CLEAR to allow you to securely confirm your identity. If you use CLEAR, you’ll be able to show that you’re a verified identity on your LinkedIn profile.

How to verify on Linkedin

LinkedIn will highlight Verified with a green and blue check on the profile, but it doesn’t appear to offer the badge key you see next to your name in LinkedIn. Verification via company email is now available to all LinkedIn users, as long as they work at one of the more than 4,000 supported companies. Microsoft Entra Verification is first rolling out to 2 million LinkedIn members in late April.

Most organizations use cloud technology and recruitment has often been done remotely in the last few pandemic years, necessitating online verification of credentials. Microsoft is working on its own Entra Verification ID system, which is now being used by LinkedIn. It’s all based on open standards, so it can work across a wide variety of HR and identity systems.

These options also work

Microsoft Entra goes beyond just LinkedIn. Digital Verified ID can also be used for background checks, loan applications, and rewards programs. Joey Chick, president of identity and network access at Microsoft, says this is just the beginning. Verified ID credentials can increase trust, authenticity, and verifiable efficiency while reducing cost, time, and fractions in many scenarios.


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