Friday, June 21, 2024

Neha Sharma Claims Favouritism To Influencers In Bollywood

Neha Sharma, started off her career from the Telugu film industry and moved to Bollywood in 2010 starring in Crook opposite Emraan Hashmi. She was last seen Bollywood movie Jogira Sara Ra Ra alongside the talented Nawazuddin Siddiqui but the film failed to create a box office milestone.

The actress recently expressed a troubling incident within the industry that has been doing rounds. She revealed an unforeseen situation where she lost a role after auditioning for it and being almost finalised. Neha was suddenly informed of being replaced blunting stating the reason of an influencer’s extensive social media following, that was favoured over her.

Advocating Talent Over Popularity

This incident sparked a debate where Neha Sharma stated that there has been an increasing trend in the casting dynamics in Bollywood. More and more number of influencers have been making their way into the movies.

Firmly advocating for talent-driven casting decisions, she stressed the significance of an actor’s skills and suitability for a role over their social media following.


Neha emphasised that an actor’s proficiency should be the primary criterion while selecting actors for movies, rather than solely considering their online popularity. While we agree with Neha, in regards to popularity not being the criteria for selection, however, an assumption that creators cannot act also seems rather biased.

The blooming influencer industry

Fortunate or unfortunate, the showbiz favours the popular and there is no denying the fact that the influencer industry is at its peak of success. From big brands to big Bollywood projects, influencers are being sought after. However, these influencers have also gained their popularity through dedication hard work and skills, making them equally fit for the humongous opportunities.

Neha Sharma is known for her diverse roles in Bollywood and Telugu cinema and has earned recognition for her performances. Her journey has not been a bed of roses but her consistency in the industry signifies her dedication and commitment to her craft. The influencer industry is revolutionary shift in the entertainment industry which might be the reason for ripples but it also sheds light on the evolving nature of the industry’s decisions and a need for prompting discussions.


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