Thursday, May 23, 2024

Munawar and Manara’s ‘Soni De Nakhre’ Dance from Shanivaar Ka Vaar Goes Viral

  • Munawar and Manara’s Viral Dance on ‘Soni De Nakhre’ Lights Up Big Boss 17 Stage
  • Munawar and Manara perform Soni De Nakhrey for Salman and Katrina

In a delightful moment on ‘Bigg Boss 17’s Shanivaar Ka Vaar,’ the dynamic duo of comedian-musician Munawar and actor Manara set the stage ablaze with their vibrant dance performance on Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s hit song ‘Soni De Nakhre.’ The video of their dance has gone viral, earning the love of fans and capturing the attention of host Salman Khan and the special guest Katrina Kaif.

During the “Diwali Special Episode of Shanivaar Ka Vaar,” Salman Khan invited co-actor Katrina Kaif to promote their much-awaited film ‘Tiger 3’ on his own show, with all contestants joining the celebration. However, it was Munawar Faruqui and Manara Chopra who stole the spotlight with their energetic dance to the popular track. Their exceptional dance skills and genuine camaraderie left the audience in awe, eliciting cheers from both the crowd and the show hosts.

Munawar and Manara’s infectious chemistry has made them stand out as top favorites among the Bigg Boss audience. The video is going viral on social media, with fans praising their talent and the joy they brought to the Bigg Boss stage.

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