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Miss Scuba International Varsha Rajkhowa turned environmental filmmaker met with legendary filmmaker Mike H Pandey.

When it comes to celebrities their accomplishments are always under the vigilance of the public eyes. Like nature’s law, their actions also have a flip side and it depends on the perseverance of the current generation that determines their idol. Fortunately, most celebrities are consciously working towards the betterment of the society by raising their voice and addressing the most pressing issues making the most out of their influential status. Here is one such celebrity we know who has been rigorously working towards giving back to the society and serving the cause of saving environment for a brighter tomorrow. Varsha Rajkhowa is a youth icon and one such celebrity who believes that to be successful in any field one must have a strong vision and be persistent.

Miss Scuba International 2016 Varsha Rajkhowa, a fashionista, choreographer and national-level swimmer, has grave concern for environment and climate change, living up to the name and cause of her international crown, saving oceans through beauty. She is a renowned environmentalist and ocean ambassador and has been working towards spreading awareness and voicing out about environment conservation and marine life protection.

Varsha’s recent randevu with the legendary filmmaker Mike H Pandey, who is known for highlighting wildlife and environmental issues via his films. He has been awarded more than 300 awards for his work in spreading awareness about biodiversity and species conservation. The beauty queen embarked on a 4 days work trip to New Delhi to learn from the very best. Varsha had a fruitful conversation with Mike on various topics, from scuba diving to stories about wildlife conservation, climate change, environmental studies, challenges, forest fire and coral reef importance and bleaching. They also talked about various aspects of filmmaking and how to convey the message to a wider audience. The meeting took place at Mike’s humble abode where both of them also enjoyed some homemade delicacies. Mike’s family was extremely welcoming to Varsha and spent some valuable time acknowledging her work and appreciating her achievements.

Mike Pandey shared some interesting facts about marine life, specifically about sharks & their importance in the ecosystem which was quite enlightening for Varsha. He also shared his own dive stories and gave valuable feedback about Varsha’s short films, encouraging her to keep going and make the change she visions for this planet. Persistency is the key and that was the piece of advice she took back from Mike Pandey.

Recently, Varsha has also started making short films focused on climate change and environmental issues and how we can work together to fix this. Her goal is to increase awareness amongst people, she quotes, “there is still time and the time is now. Let’s act together to make this planet a better place to live in”. She will be soon releasing a short film about a forest in Meghalaya. Her objective is to use social media channels to promote these secret stories and increase awareness by lending her voice.

Varsha is extremely passionate about her work as an international model, TEDx speaker and artist. As a climate reality leader, she has now taken up short filmmaking as her new venture under her banner OCEANIC DIVAS. She believes that together we can make a huge difference to this planet and every bit of action matters and counts. She quotes, “Our action today is a revolution for tomorrow and it’s up to us what kind of revolution we want to witness and bring for our future.”

Her recently released film “Voice Of Ocean” is meticulously produced underwater and features some intricate details about the ocean. The film is shot, written and directed by Varsha Rajkhowa. My personal favourite is “Adams Ale”, stressing on the water crisis and solutions on how to overcome these challenges. Both of these short films were produced by her own production company Oceanic Divas and released on her official YouTube channel VARSHA RAJKHOWA. You can find the link to the YouTube channel at the end of this article. If you are concerned about the environment, make sure you watch these short films to understand the grave situation we are currently in. Varsha is truly an inspiration for all aspiring actors as well as environmentalists, who are working every day towards the betterment.

Varsha has also given many TEDx talks and one of her TEDx talks topic is about environment and climate crisis. She was also invited as a celebrity speaker by Amity University, Delhi to a brainstorming session on COP 26 held in January 2022.

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