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Meet Naman Bajpai: PUDI’s Visionary Pioneer in Packaging Revolution

Meet Naman Bajpai, the visionary force propelling PUDI, a groundbreaking entity revolutionizing the packaging industry. Boasting seven years of industry expertise, Naman’s story is a testament to unwavering determination and entrepreneurial zeal.

Naman’s Roots and Entrepreneurial Spark

Raised in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, within a middle-class milieu, Naman’s entrepreneurial spark ignited during college. His venture catering to college students, providing 24/7 access to snacks, wearables, and stationery, was curtailed by familial pressures for a traditional career path.

The Birth of PUDI: A Visionary Solution

PUDI germinated from Naman’s visionary idea—to craft comprehensive shelf life extension products, particularly tailored for fruit preservation during exports. Recognizing an untapped market gap, he was resolute in bridging this divide.

Addressing Market Gaps

The genesis of PUDI stemmed from customer struggles in acquiring packaging products. Navigating multiple vendors, order placements, dispatch follow-ups, and payments underscored the cumbersome process, illuminating a unique opportunity for Naman.

PUDI: Empowering Agriculture and Farmers

Initially focusing on Primary and Secondary packaging products crucial for extending fruit shelf life, PUDI’s evolution encompassed broader agricultural packaging needs. Streamlining the procurement process, it emerged as a singular window for diverse packaging requisites.

Unique Product Offerings

PUDI’s specialized product range spans Germination Paper, Corrugated boxes, MAP bags, and various shelf life extension products, positioning itself as a peerless entity within its niche.

The Driving Duo

Fueling PUDI’s endeavors are Naman Bajpai and his cousin, Harshit Mishra. Unified by a shared vision, they embarked on this journey, leaving their jobs to solve agricultural packaging challenges.

From Inception to Triumph

Leveraging Naman’s expertise, PUDI swiftly crossed the Rs 1 crore milestone in just three months, predominantly serving banana exporters. Now poised to cater to a wider fruit export market, PUDI’s trajectory depicts phenomenal growth.

Leading the Market

Naman asserts PUDI’s unparalleled stance in the market, firmly grounded in unwavering commitment to quality and continual innovation.

Nurturing a Supportive Culture

PUDI champions a nurturing work environment, centering on customer-centric operations, fostering open idea exchange, flexible remote work, and a healthy work-life balance for its team.

Future Trajectory and Expansion

PUDI harbors ambitious plans, aiming to introduce innovative products reducing packaging while enhancing fruit and vegetable shelf life. Expansion plans include a new 3000 sq. ft. plant to elevate operational capabilities.

Financial Stability

With an initial investment of Rs 10,00,000, PUDI maintains robust financial stability, boasting an impressive EBITDA of over 25% with no immediate plans for additional funding.

Customer-Centric Approach

PUDI’s streamlined approach simplifies procurement, enhancing efficiency for the agriculture industry, resulting in exceptional customer experiences.

For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Naman’s journey underscores the power of perseverance and chasing one’s dreams. His inspiring message resonates: “Avoiding risks due to fear denies us the tastiest fruit—sometimes, you’ve got to step onto the branch to reach it.”


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