Saturday, June 22, 2024

Mask TV topped the list of ratings on Apple TV Store

Mask TV stands out first among all the entertainment applications in its first year of streaming. Delivering outstanding mediums of entertainment and multiple genres of content like drama, comedy, suspense, horror, thriller and many more, it continues to welcome new talents, fresh concepts, old legends performing the tales involving different characters.

Their journey of delivering contents started with the release of Mission 70 (story of a spy with a rich legacy of patriotism yet caught crooning with the enemy).

Mansie Bhatt (producer of the channel) handles the execution, projection and production of the content for streaming. She is known for the first ever semi reality show based on the trans women. Then she ticked another long list of Mask TV originals named Mussoorie House, Bhookh, Kahani ek Janwar ki, Pratha, Bhalessa, Leech and last but not the least a big controversial project Azamgarh, a terror story of a brilliant student misled terror cleric played by Pankaj Tripathi.

Another masterpiece named Ragad Bhassad and Raktneeti web series woven around politically misconstructed youth losing up to the path of crime.

The sole responsibility of the content that streams on mask TV is maintaining the class of content when it comes to nudity and abusive language. In the competitive world of cinema where delivering class content is not at all an easy task, Mask TV handles it with sheer grace. There are many other cinematic artpiece like Baba, a series that revolved around an army officer father and his deceased wife killed by the political mafia.

During World cricket, MASK TV original LBW made a fantastic entry for cricket and comedy lovers.

Around more than three hundred movies and numerous web series have been uploaded. The newest web series named NUKKAD, showcases the beauty of the small town love stories challenged by social prejudices and norms streaming since the 8th of December.

A big congratulations to the Mask TV for completing a year as you shine brightly by overcoming every hurdle.


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