Sunday, July 14, 2024

Mask TV OTT to Stream ‘LBW – Chiranjeevi Bhatt’ from October 27

Cricket is revered as a religion in India, especially when the nation is abuzz with the excitement of a Cricket World Cup. The fervor and passion for the game often border on devotion. In such a cricket-crazed atmosphere, a film or web series with a title that seems to connect with the sport is bound to pique the interest of the audience. Mask TV OTT, a prominent OTT channel, is all set to stream a series titled “LBW – Chiranjeevi Bhatt” starting from October 27 amidst this cricket season. While the title appears cricket-related, it is said to have a deeper meaning – it stands for ‘Love Before Wedding’. The true essence of this series will unfold only after its streaming, leaving the audience to decide whether it’s all about love before the wedding or leg before wicket.

Producer Manasi Bhatt of Mask TV OTT has been actively revolutionizing the entertainment industry with various projects. She has ventured into making films and web series in genres ranging from action, drama, suspense, horror, comedy, to addressing social issues. Mask TV OTT has become a platform that offers a diverse range of entertainment, thanks to the efforts of Chiranjeevi Bhatt and Anju Bhatt.

Anju Bhatt, who has been actively involved in the entertainment industry as an actor, singer, and writer from 1994 to 2008, has now taken on the role of a producer. While she has worked closely with Chiranjeevi Bhatt in the production of numerous web series and films, her role has transitioned from being in front of the camera to working behind the scenes as a producer.

Mask TV OTT, under its original series category, has been consistently churning out numerous projects, and this time, Chiranjeevi Bhatt and Anju Bhatt have produced the web series “LBW – Chiranjeevi Bhatt” for LBW (Love Before Wedding). The series, directed by Rishil Joshi, is a comedy-based web series that humorously explores the boundaries and foundations of relationships. The collaborative effort of Chiranjeevi Bhatt, Anju Bhatt, and Rishil Joshi has garnered praise and excitement, ensuring that the project remains thoroughly entertaining.

The cast of “LBW – Chiranjeevi Bhatt” features talented and dedicated artists such as Khushi Shah, Ragini Jani, Bharat Chawda, Chetan Dahiya, Pouravi Joshi, Sonali Lese Desai, and Ekta Bachwani. Starting tomorrow, it will be intriguing to see how “LBW – Chiranjeevi Bhatt” manages to captivate its audience in the midst of the World Cup frenzy.


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