Sunday, June 16, 2024

Mask TV OTT has become a strong medium of entertainment by serving great content.

In the world of entertainment, where in today’s time all the means of entertainment including mobile, YouTube, big screen of cinema, television are available, at the same time more than one OTT platform is also making its mark in this world of entertainment and presenting the best challenge. Every OTT is coming forward with its own content in this entertainment laboratory, but today no one can come close to the position that Mask TV OTT has made in this competition.

Now the last month of the year and also the last week is going on, in such a situation, Mask TV OTT has done many new experiments to entertain its audience and has served different types of projects, which are not for any particular audience but for every section of the audience. Entertainment has been served for. Due to the priority of content, films and web series are selected and telecast on this OTT platform in which messages and meaningful objectives for every section of the society are conveyed through cinema.

In the stories, films and web series telecasted on the Mask TV OTT platform, the content has the predominance. Here, in fact, the films of no big superstars are released, rather the content here is a superstar in itself. In such a situation, small projects with excellent content automatically attract the attention of the audience. Anyway, today the audience likes only those platforms where the best content is available, and in such a situation, Mask TV OTT meets the preferences of the audience.

Mission 70, Projects Angels, Bhookh: Kahani Ek Jaanwar Ki, Pratha, Double Shades, Burhan: Hero Ya Villain, Bhalesa, Old Lady Mussoorie House, Ragad Bhasad, Raktaniti, Azamgarh, Jonk, Nukkad, Oye Jassi Oye, LBW to name a few. These are the projects that were released on Mask TV OTT platform and received immense love from the audience. More than 300 movies are available on the platform for the users in their respective languages with subtitles in English, Hindi and different languages which are available to the audience. It is no less than a bonus.

Mansie Bhatt, the beautiful and young channel creator of Mask TV, says, “The struggle of the first year was mixed with setting goals and achieving them, the anxiety of proving, but by the end we achieved everything we had hoped for. And now we have set some standards for ourselves to set this shining torch firmly among others.

Mask TV OTT platform features Spanish, Russian and Thai movies from the Hindi action, suspense thriller and comedy genre, dubbed in Hindi, and streamed to viewers in languages they can understand.

A big project with well-known stars of the Indian film industry is going to stream during this week. According to channel producer Mansie Bhatt, Mask TV app is an OTT platform that is raising the curtain on entertainment for all, and is ready to carve its own niche among the audience. Who have given their love and appreciation to this platform through this journey which will continue till their golden destination. The love received from the audience during this year has filled us with so much energy that the entire team will be ready to entertain with great content for the next year.


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