Sunday, June 23, 2024

Manoj Bajpai ki The Family Man Fame Ashlesha Thakur To Star In “Santhala”

Ashlesha Thakur all set to play Santhala in PAN India film Santhala in 6 languages

Renowned actress Aslesha Thakur who is all set to play the role of Santhala in the PAN India film Santhala which is being made in 6 different languages in India by producer Dr Irrinki Suresh and Sanjay B.Patiala is the PRO.

Director Seshu Peddireddy stated that for her it was a very challenging experience to get into the character of Santhala in the film especially because she is not a trained dancer in real life.

Ashlesha added that it was very difficult to permeate into her character as it was very vulnerable as well as strong not only mentally but also emotionally and physically and she had to not only learn the art form of Bharat Natyam but also Telugu language for the primary version.

Ashlesha added that since the film was basically on dance as an art form and she had to play the character of a tribal dancer, she had to undergo a whole lot of mental as well as physical preparation as an actress and on the sets she was happy that she was able to have a good time and also at the same time be very passionate towards her work.

Producer Dr Irrinki Suresh said that his film could also be termed as a periodical fiction film and it is based on a real life incident. “My film is very small in front of mighty releases in Hindi like Adi Purush but i am confident that it will win the hearts of each and every viewer who watches the film.You can identify with the film a lot and also connect with it a lot especially because we can see a lot of diversity in India”, signed off Dr Sureshgaru.


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