Thursday, July 18, 2024

Keshav Arya’s film Pahal Kaun Karega to be released on Namkeen TV

  • Keshav Arya’s film Pahal Kaun Karega to be released on Namkeen TV will drive home the message to end hatred and violence in the name of religion

Manto’s stories have always been very influential in Indian literature. One of his stories is being adapted into today’s environment and presented in the form of a web film named “Pahal Kaun Karega?”. This film will be released on the OTT platform “Namkeen TV” at the end of this month in which Keshav Arya and Samaira Khan play important roles. Directed by Mithilesh Avinash, the film is produced by Dinesh Ahir, Bharat Kavad, Deepak Vashishtha and Pradeep Vashishtha.

Amol Dwivedi, who is on the board of directors of Namkeen TV, said that “Pahal Kaun Karega” is based on today’s burning issue. This film raises the question of who will take the initiative to end the growing hatred and violence in the name of religion in the country.

Keshav Arya, who is playing the lead role in the film, says that the first special screening of this film will be done soon in the capital Delhi in which leaders of all parties will be invited.

Amol Dwivedi says that as the name of the OTT channel is Namkeen TV, it will have entertaining programmes but there will be no vulgar content and the USP of the channel is that the stories of the litterateurs of our country will be presented in today’s environment. Pahal Kaun Karega is a web film, apart from this, many web series are coming soon on Namkeen TV, one of which is the series “Harass” which raises an important question regarding the safety of women in today’s society.

Manoj Bakshi and Ritish Chhabra have played important roles in the web series Harass. It is produced by Tanveer Hooda, with Varun Khanna as the director. Senior theater actor Manoj Bakshi is excited about this series and his character. He got a great experience working in this series of Namkeen TV.

Keshav Arya says that the USP of Namkeen TV will also be that every month one play will be adapted and shown to the audience. Also, three more web series are coming in which Kathputli, Anjaam and Ichchhadhari are notable. Kathputli has been directed by Mani Sinha, with Shafiq ul Islam, as the producer while Anjaam produced by Ajay Sagar has Avadhesh as the director


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