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Jyoti Saxena On Her Favorite Monsoon Days

  • Jyoti Saxena On Her Favorite Monsoon Day says, “There’s something truly magical about the rain that makes you feel connected to your inner self”

As the monsoon clouds gather and the rhythmic pitter-patter of raindrops fills the air, there are those who find solace and enchantment in the arrival of this magical season. Among them is the talented actress, Jyoti Saxena, who has captivated audiences with her on-screen presence and now opens up about her love and desire for the monsoon season. Jyoti Saxena, who hails from Mumbai, a city famous for its “Baarish ka mausam” shares with us her favorite memories from the season.

“There’s something truly magical about the rain, how it washes away the worries and replenishes the earth with life. Monsoon makes me feel connected to my inner self & the pure breeze brings in a sense of calm and sheer joy.”

The actress elaborates on her monsoon rituals, describing how she relishes spending quality time with herself. “I’ve developed a ritual of waking up early, brewing a cup of aromatic tea, and immersing myself in books. It’s my personal oasis, where I can be fully present and embrace the enchantment of the monsoon. This kinda’ of the crazy cozy season definitely makes me call for a cup of garam garam chai and assorted pakodas to enjoy.”

The actress encourages others to embrace solitude during the monsoon season and embark on a journey of self-discovery. “It’s incredible what we can learn about ourselves when we take the time to be alone. We become attuned to our desires, our dreams, and our true passions. By stepping away from the noise and distractions, we can listen to our inner voice, by spending time with ourselves in this monsoon.”

Recalling the early days of monsoon the actress spent most of her special days with her favorite human i.e her father the actress on recalling those memories says, “Nothing could be better than this for me, as in my developing years, my father would get us all together to enjoy the rains as family & we would have fun singing songs with hot chai and assorted pakodas that we use to make at our place and I miss those special moments with my dad now.”

Listening to those adorable memories of Jyoti Saxena, along with her father, and enjoying Chai and Pakoda, is making us rush and have these same moments with our father.


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