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Journey of Poonam Rana from the small town of Rishikesh to the founder of Consider 11 fantasy sports platform

Poonam Rana from Rishikesh, Dehradun is the founder of Consider 11 fantasy sports platform. With Think 11, a fantasy sports platform, she began her career in marketing and advertising and worked there for nearly three years. Poonam Rana, who was born in the middle of the year amidst mountains and nature, has proven herself to be valuable. In the marketing community, she is a name that is well-known. Many women and girls living in remote areas and small villages look up to Poonam Rana because she was born and raised in God’s own city of Rishikesh.

Poonam Rana is from a close-knit family. She always finds time for her family despite her busy schedule and attributes her success to them. In conclusion, Poonam Rana is a talented and driven young woman who has accomplished a lot. She keeps inspiring and motivating others through her work, and she is quickly rising to the top of the marketing and advertising world.

Poonam Rana is the founder of a fantasy sports platform that offers options for fantasy sports like Cricket Fantasy, Football Fantasy, and Kabaddi Fantasy while offering a seamless user experience to sports enthusiasts. Consider11 is one of the most reliable fantasy sports platforms available right now, promoting online fantasy sports gaming and helping many people who participate in a variety of sports and earn cash.

Poonam Rana with her goal to make a difference in society has formed consider 11 fantasy sports platforms so that she can further her cause and reach out to more communities and in return help them in earning a good income. Alongside, she also holds various charity events and donation drives as this allows her to give back to the community more directly and instantaneously.

It goes without saying that the entrepreneurship world is rapidly evolving in a way that is positive and that is inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs to also pursue entrepreneurship. This article brings you an inspiring story of a marketing and advertising professional turned entrepreneur – Poonam Rana.

In the words of the founder Poonam Rana, “Our priority is to create games that are simple to play, rewarding, and full of entertaining elements. As a result, Consider11 is available at its best and this makes the app one of the fastest-growing fantasy cricket app platforms”

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