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IRCTC Unveils Affordable Tour Packages to Dubai, Thailand, and Nepal

IRCTC Tour Package: Everyone dreams of going on a holiday to another country at least once. If you also think the same then there is good news for you. Because IRCTC has launched cheap tour packages for not just one but three countries.

All of them start between December and February. Therefore, you can fulfill your dream by booking your seat. You will get breakfast, lunch and dinner in the package of all three countries. Besides, arrangements have also been made to stay in a three star hotel. Apart from this, a common guide will also be available in all three countries…

1. Dubai Tour Package

The Dubai tour package has been named Dazzling Dubai. So that the confusion regarding the name is removed. Let us tell you that in this tour package you will be made to travel by air. In which you will get the pleasure of visiting Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi.

According to IRCTC, the package is starting from December 12, 2023. Also, this tour package will be better for the people of Delhi. Because it has been decided to start from Delhi itself. This complete package is for 6 days and 5 nights. So that tourists can roam around comfortably. Talking about the expenses, under the package, the charges have been fixed at Rs 1,16,500 for single occupancy, Rs 97,800 for double occupancy and Rs 95,400 per person for three people staying in a room together.

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2. Thailand Tour Package

Thailand is also a very popular place to visit. In this package, tourists will be taken to Bangkok (Thailand) by flight from Mumbai. The package includes arrangements for stay, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The duration of the tour has been fixed at 4 nights and 5 days. Passengers can do so by visiting IRCTC website Talking about expenses, you will have to spend at least Rs 58,900 on this entire package. Besides, you will also get the facility of insurance in this package.

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3. Nepal Tour Package

Nepal tour has been specially designed for the people of Madhya Pradesh. Also, the name of the package has been decided as Naturally Nepal. So that the theme of the package can be known from the name. This tour is starting in February. In this, first of all people will be brought from Bhopal to Delhi by flight. After this it will be taken directly to Kathmandu from Delhi. On reaching Kathmandu, three star hotels have been arranged for everyone. This package is designed for a total of 6 days and 5 nights. In this, Rs 55,100 per person will have to be paid, two people will have to pay Rs 47,000 and three people will have to pay Rs 46,200 per person.


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