Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Introducing LIC’s New Jeevan Anand Policy: Secure Your Future with Guaranteed Benefits and Potential Millionaire Returns!

LIC New Jeevan Anand Policy: India’s largest insurance company ie Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) offers many policies to the customer. There are many types of policies in this. In these plans, the amount is given to the policyholder after the maturity of the policy.

In these policies, the policyholder also gets many types of benefits. LIC is running a Jeevan Anand scheme. Now LIC has released its new version in the name of the New Jeevan Anand Policy.

What is the specialty of this scheme?

  • In, apart from the guaranteed profit, you also get many other benefits.
  • In this, the insured person also gets the option of regular premium payment.
  • If a policyholder survives till the end of the plan then he is given the maturity amount.
  • Covered by the policy till the policyholder reaches the age of 100 years. From this, it can be understood that the amount is paid during the policy term as well as later i.e. on death.

Benefits of the scheme

LIC’s New Jeevan Anand plan pays out even after death. This means that if you invest in this scheme then even after your death your family will get its benefits. You are also given the benefit of maturity in this scheme. In this scheme, the account holder also gets a share in the profit. In this scheme, the customer also gets tax benefits.

If you invest in this scheme then you can become a millionaire. You can earn up to Rs 25 lakh by investing in this scheme. To get this amount, you will have to invest for 35 years. You will have to deposit Rs 1,358 every month or Rs 16,300 annually. That means you have to invest around Rs 45 every day.


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