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India’s first BIMA Bypass Surgery Conference being hosted by Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar Heart Foundation; in the city!

BIMA Bypass Surgery involves only a small incision in the chest, eliminating the need for open-heart surgery. 

·        It is effective in up to 90% of patients for over two decades, unlike the conventional bypasses, which lasts for 10 years. 

·        It has minimal morbidity.

Hyderabad, 2nd June 2024BIMA Bypass Surgery ConferenceIndia’s first of its kind two day Live In Box Convention, is being hosted by Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar Heart Foundation at Hotel Taj Krishna. The conference will focus on the latest and most advanced technique in coronary bypass surgery: the BIMA Bypass Surgery. This procedure is performed without any incisions on the legs or arms and offers the best long-term benefits following bypass surgery. Renowned heart surgeon Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar, Chairman and Managing Trustee of the Foundation, is training over 100 senior heart surgeons from across the country in the advanced technique for heart bypass surgery. Chief Guest Mrs. Madhavi Latha Kompella, inaugurated the Conference, today.

Globally acclaimed leaders in BIMA bypass surgery from Australia, Canada and USA; Prof. Michael Vallely, Prof. Piroze Davierwala, Prof. David Glineur and Prof. Mario Gaudino; are also participating in this Conference as international faculty. Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar, eminent Cardiac surgeon of international repute and having vast  experience in BIMA bypass surgery, will demonstrate three cutting-edge BIMA bypass surgeries through live-in-box presentations to the attending heart surgeons. Additionally, there will be a panel discussion with all the international faculty on managing potential issues that may arise during this surgery.

According to Dr. Prateek BhatnagarBIMA bypass surgery has demonstrated effectiveness in up to 90% of patients even after 20 years, whereas bypasses using leg veins typically last around 10 years. This technique involves only a single small incision in the chest, eliminating the need for open-heart surgery. Cosmetically, it is the best bypass surgery since there are no incisions on the legs or arms. Additionally, it has minimal morbidity, with reduced risks of leg swelling or infection. The risk of brain stroke, kidney damage, and bleeding is also negligible because BIMA bypass surgery is performed without open-heart surgery. Most patients are able to climb stairs just four days after undergoing BIMA bypass surgery. The widespread use of BIMA bypass surgery will not only alleviate patients’ conditions but also reduce the financial burden on families and the government due to its long-lasting benefits.

Smt. Madhavilatha Kompella, Chairperson of Lathama Foundation, who graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, in her address commended the noble objectives of Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar in establishing the Heart Foundation. She applauded his initiative to raise awareness about heart ailments and their treatment through the unique BIMA bypass surgery. The organization of the international conference, with participation from distinguished surgeons worldwide and within India, will promote this technique and ultimately benefit patients, she added. She urged the participants to continuously enhance their skills and urged NGOs, governments, and medical establishments to promote this technology for its long-term benefits to patients by training surgeons and subsidising deserving patients.

About Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar Heart Foundation:

Dr. Prateek Bhatnagar Heart Foundation is dedicated to spreading awareness and providing cures for heart-related diseases. Through initiatives like the “Live In Box BIMA Bypass Surgery Conference,” the foundation aims to advance cardiac care and surgical techniques for the betterment of patients nationwide.


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