Thursday, June 13, 2024

India Marka hand pump fails in scorching heat, villagers wander for drinking water

People are troubled by the scorching sun and heat! In such a situation, people are yearning for even pure drinking water! A large number of India Marka hand pumps have been installed, but most of them are lying defunct! In such a situation, the drinking water crisis is affecting the people! Block I am not paying responsible attention even after complaining.

While instructions were given to the government to repair the damaged handpumps even before the summer started! Those who deserve to be rebored should be rebored! So that people do not have to face a drinking water crisis in summer! But the block officer Closed! Handpumps in some villages under the Sareni block are fit to be rebored! Summer is reaching its peak, those responsible for repairing handpumps are not aware! Deterioration of handpumps is causing more problems even in public places! The complaints of the villagers are being ignored!

Repair of the hand pump is not being done even after a complaint in Abepur

Santosh Kumar Shukla, a resident of Abepur Majre Ralpur located in Sareni, informed through a letter to the Block Development Officer, Sareni, demanding repair of the heat pump, but the repair of the head pump has not been done so far and there is water in the houses around the head pump in this scorching heat. Despite the shortage has increased, responsible Kumbhakarni are fast asleep! On the other hand, Santosh Kumar Shukla, a resident of the said village, told that there is a government handpump installed at our door, which is running bad for 1 month! The flow of water has stopped, due to which there is a lot of water crisis in front of the animals and us! Even after asking the Pradhan, there was no hearing!

The hand pump installed in Bhita village became a showpiece

The outbreak of heat is increasing day by day and in such a situation, handpumps have become showpieces in the village! Yes, we are talking about Bhita Majre Kanjas village located in the Sareni development block, The responsible people are not considering it appropriate to repair them and the villagers are facing a shortage of water in the scorching heat! They are also demanding and even making many kinds of allegations against the village head! On the other hand, the village head is playing the role of Dhritarashtra, being ignorant of all these things!

Role of officials in questions

If sources are to be believed under Sareni’s block, many handpumps have become showpieces! Some are not being rebored, some water comes out after running for hours, and some are giving contaminated water, yet they are not serious about being responsible for faulty handpumps! Citizen’s Questions arise on the neglect of the officials towards facilities like drinking water available to the people! The responsible will not even know how many handpumps are bad in the block!


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