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Inbase Tech Unveils 7 New Ultra-Fast Multi-Protocol Chargers, Expanding the Ether Portfolio of Mobile Accessories

New Delhi, May 25, 2023 – Inbase Tech, a leading brand in mobile accessories, announces the addition of seven cutting-edge ultra-fast multi-protocol chargers to their esteemed Ether portfolio. As the demand for faster and more efficient charging rises, Inbase’s latest range of fast chargers promises to deliver an exceptional charging experience. Designed to cater to all types of fast charging needs, these 7 products offer an impressive range, from 18 Watts to a remarkable 95 Watts of ultra-fast charging.

Developed to be small & lightweight yet powerful, these chargers are travel-friendly and support multiple protocols across different devices. These chargers support multiple protocols, like WARP, QC, PD, PPD, SUPERVOOC, DASH, ensuring Ultra-fast charging compatibility with a wide range of devices. With fast charging capabilities for all types of devices, Inbase provides the convenience of a single charger for all your charging needs.

Nitesh Kumbhat, Co-Founder, Inbase, stated, “Our new range of charging solutions is developed keeping in mind the fast-charging needs of our community. We want to make life seamless and hassle-free as long as charging is concerned. We endeavor to be the one-stop charging solution that provides top-notch technology that is made for India”

While P201, P251, Q181, and SV301 are built to be compact and mobile & fast charge devices on the go, P451, PSV501 & PSV951L are fitted with advanced GaN technology making the chargers ultrafast yet very compact and small in size. With its massive Up to 95 Watt Charging, PSV951L is certified to charge laptops that support Type-C charging.

With sleek and ultra-compact designs, these chargers provide functionality and bring a touch of elegance to any charging setup. Furthermore, their multilevel protection ensures the safety of users’ devices, while their wide compatibility makes them suitable for a diverse range of smartphones and other electronic devices.

Price and Availability:

The wide selection of ultra-fast chargers is now readily accessible for purchase at leading retail outlets as well as online on popular platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and the brand’s official website. Customers can conveniently choose from this range of high-speed chargers to ensure swift and efficient charging for their devices.

Here are the prices for these fast chargers:

●      Ether Q181
18 Watt QC 3.0 Fast Charge Enabled with USB  output
Introductory Price: Starts at Rs 299

●      Ether P201
20 Watt QC 3.0 Fast Charge Enabled with Type C output
Introductory Price: Starts at Rs 499

●      Ether P251
25 Watt Multiple Protocol QC+ PD Charging & supports Vooc, SuperVocc, PPS, & PD
Introductory Price: Starts at Rs 499

●      Ether SV301
30 Watt Multiple Protocol Charging with USB Output & supports super Vooc, Warp & Dash
Introductory Price: Starts at Rs 499

●      Ether P401
45W Ultrafast Charging with GaN technology & Type C output & supports multiple protocols
Introductory Price: Starts at Rs 899

●      Ether PSV501
50W Ultrafast Charging with GaN technology & Type C & USB output & supports multiple protocols
Introductory Price: Starts at Rs 899

●      Ether PSV951L
Massive 95W Ultrafast Charging with GaN technology, 2 Type C & USB outputs & supports all protocols
Introductory Price: Starts at Rs 2599

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About Inbase:

Inbase is a leading mobile accessories company dedicated to enhancing the mobile experience through innovative accessories that provide users with cutting-edge features and superior quality. Founded in 2003, Inbase offers a wide range of premium mobile accessories and lifestyle product enhancements that cater to the needs of its diverse customer base.

With a strong focus on innovation and quality, Inbase aims to make people’s lives easier with technology while keeping them in vogue. Inbase is dedicated to growing its presence internationally and reinforcing the message “Be Indian, Buy Indian.”


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