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IIDL Model Parliament

Thane:  The Seventh edition of the IIDL Model Parliament was held on 22nd February at the RMP-KEC campus in Uttan, Thane in presence of Adv Parag Alavani, MLA, Mumbai, served as the chair or the speaker of the house. 

The IIDL Model Parliament was a simulation of the actual Indian Parliament and involved 20 students from the Indian Institute of Democratic Leadership’s (IIDL) Post Graduate Programme in Leadership Politics and Governance. The students were divided in to the ruling and opposition and debated accordingly.

The students recreated the look and feel of a real parliament during the event through their debated and speeches. Parliamentary business such as the oath-taking ceremony for new members, question hour, calling attention motion, and bills were conducted. These activities provided the participants with a practical understanding of parliamentary functioning.

Bills were passed on two topics: The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and of Places of Worship Act, 1991 Repeal.  IIDL Student who had become Finance Minister, Gaurav Gaavshinde presented the Annual budget 2024-25. Both bills were passed with majority.  Students at short discussions on issues like Political Violence in West Bengal, Central Paramilitary Forces also Budget was placed in front of the Parliament.

Adv Parag Alavani, in his concluding remarks said, any ruling party should always remember that my government is best. He informed the students that if something unique they have they should try not to create controversy in that. He said he was happy attending it and the overall the session was very interesting and fruitful. Devendra Pai, Course Director of IIDL added, “IIDL Model Parliament is a platform to gain practical experience in parliamentary proceedings, drafting bills and understanding and debating pressing issues.”

About Indian Institute of Democratic Leadership – IIDL

RMP initiated the idea of IIDL in 2017 to broaden the scope of leadership – science from the limited area of management science and provide an interdisciplinary institutional framework to train leadership from socio-political perspective.

Post Graduate Diploma (PGP) in Leadership, Politics, and Governance (LPG) is a unique interdisciplinary course designed to bridge the gap between young talent and India’s democratic political entity and governance. The programme is targeted at students and young professionals who wish to make a career in the field of politics, governance, public affairs and leadership. The course is designed to produce trained, ethical and responsible leaders, in short – “New Leaders for a New India.”

The one-year residential programme is designed to bridge the gap between India’s young talent and India’s democratic policy and governance. Over a 120 students from over 21 states of India have completed the course and are contributing to nation building.

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