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Hyderabad Bicycling Club’s Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Cyclothon on 29th January 2023 at HITEX

Sir Graham Watson, President of World Cycling Alliance (WCA), Former European Parliament Member for 20 years, and Chairman of European Parliament’s Committee on Home Affairs and Justice is in Hyderabad to participate in Hyderabad Bicycling Club’s Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Cyclothon on 29th January 2023 at HITEX. Speaking to the press Sir Graham Watson mentioned WCA’s efforts to promote cycling for a better environment all over the world.

He mentioned “I am pleased to be in India and to be able to participate in Hyderabad’s Cyclothon. I can see that my friend and WCA First Vice President D V Manohar is doing a fine job in promoting cycling in this country.

‘India knows how serious climate change is becoming. It knows the cost in health terms of modern lifestyles, with obesity and diabetes becoming major health challenges. And it suffers every day from traffic congestion and deaths on the road. Getting people onto bicycles for short-distance travel and leisure is the simplest way to deal with all these challenges.

India’s climate gives it a huge opportunity for this and I am impressed to see how the All India Bicycling Federation and Hyderabad Bicycling Club are campaigning to make this change happen. India is already setting an example for other countries in Asia.”

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Mr D V Manohar, the only Indian on the Board of the World Cycling Alliance and its First Vice President said “We started a cycling revolution in Hyderabad about 12 years back and now spreading it all over India.

The enthusiastic response from various sections of society from youngsters to senior citizens is gratifying. To effectively promote cycling, the creation of necessary cycling infrastructure is a must. Through our SmartBike, we are creating state-of-the-art Public Bike Sharing systems (PBS) in major cities of India. SmartBike is amongst the top twelve Startups chosen by Startup India to interact with Hon’ble Prime Minister Modi. MD of SmartBike Dharmin made several policy recommendations such as the National Cycling Plan, the creation of dedicated cycling tracks, car-free zones, and setting up the National Carbon Trading Exchange. Hon’ble Prime Minister accepted these recommendations. Carbon trading exchange is already set up and we hope the other recommendations also will be acted upon soon.”

Mr. Manohar also announced that HBC won the tender for operating and maintaining Pala Pitta Cycling Park at Kothaguda for three years starting from 1st April 2023. HBC will be putting in all our efforts to give a great cycling experience to Hyderabad Citizens at Pala Pitta Cycling Park.

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